May 21, 2024

Reasons to Get Excited about Alfa Romeo Dealers


You may not have heard of Alfa Romeo if you aren’t the biggest fan of cars, but the name signifies one of the most storied brands in the automotive world. At Alfa Romeo dealers NY residents can test drive a number of cars and find the perfect one.

Long Racing History: After the company was founded in 1910, it was off to the races. They have gone on to win multiple championships in different racing series. The racing pedigree will directly trickle down to cars you are getting at the dealership. Even though it’s been a while since Alfa has been in competitive racing, the important racing DNA is there in all their cars.

Some of the Most Stunning Cars: The company has a resume of some stunning cars. Whether you like it or not, their iconic triangular grille has been on some of the most beautiful cars ever made.

They Are Italian: Italian cars have a reputation. They are all about the engine sounds and the driving experience. Very few automakers exemplify this better than Alfa Romeo.

A New Engine Designed by Ferrari: The turbocharged V6 engine gets roots from the Quattroporte and the Maserati Ghibli, which are both Ferrari deigned 6 cylinders. The engine sound proves that it’s a strong choice.

The Stelvio: This compact crossover is a great choice for the American market since this type of vehicle is the best selling here. There aren’t many SUVs that come as comfortable or as power-packed as this one. With available Alcantara leather and top-of-the-line trim, it’s easy to see why this one passes the competition.

The 4C: One of the most popular cars from the brand is the 4C and, if you want an Italian sports car to rival the likes of the Porsche Cayman, this is the choice for you. Even though this car is often overlooked, it has plenty of features. It’s much cheaper than the Ferrari but still has the same look. It has an authentic sports car driving experience and could be one of your last times to drive a car without power steering. The lack of power steering helps strengthen your arms, and getting in and out of the vehicle will keep you limber. Since the car is so light and comes in at under 2,500 pounds it has great performance. The 4C can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. It weighs just as much like the Mazda Miata but gives much better horsepower. The weight is kept down with a lightweight composite body over an advanced carbon fiber chassis. The carbon fiber can be seen throughout the cockpit, and some point out that the carbon fiber and interior leather spruce things up a bit. At Alfa Romeo dealers NY residents can test drive the 4C.

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