May 21, 2024

Some Of The Car Terms Explained For Beginners


For beginners, the car world is not only full of rules but also filled with a completely new vocabulary – the driving instructor helps with the former, and we explain the most important terms.

What Is Xenon?

Anyone who has ever completed a night drive in the driving school has certainly felt uncomfortably dazzled by oncoming traffic with blue light – that’s xenon. In short, it is a light bulb in the headlight that is filled with the noble gas of the same name. Where regular car light bulbs have a voltage of twelve volts to generate brightness, the xenon is “ignited” with a high voltage in the range of tens of thousands of volts so that a very bright light is created.

However, this is only supposedly blue because the color temperature of xenon headlights almost corresponds to that of sunlight – the blue color is caused by soiling of the exterior of the headlight, on which the light is refracted.

Xenon is also no brighter than conventional bulbs – it just focuses the light differently. Together with the unfamiliar color and the wrong headlight setting, this can lead to the notorious dazzling, which some drivers even wanted to ban by petition.

What Is A Spark Plug?

Above the turbocharger, there was talk of “combustion,” which occurs in the engine. And the spark plug is not involved in anything else. It is located in every single cylinder of gasoline and natural gas engines. It uses a high-voltage spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder, which is necessary for the drive.

However, due to their permanent contact with the heat of the combustion chamber, the spark plugs are also subject to a certain amount of wear – and should therefore be replaced depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Incidentally, the diesel works without spark plugs. With it, the diesel-air mixture is heated so much by the piston’s compression as it moves upwards that it ignites by itself – one reason why the diesel is also referred to as “compression ignition.” Search for numerology 24 for car license plate (ผล รวม เลข ทะเบียน รถ 24 which is the term in Thai)

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