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Pawning the car is a quick way to get money. Depending on the company with which you close the engagement, you can continue driving it while you return the amount they have loaned you in monthly installments.

Until relatively recently, pawning the car was dishonorable, almost embarrassing, and done in secret. Times have changed (much more since the arch-named crisis began), and today, going to a car pawn company or car pledge Navanakorn (รับจำนำรถ นวนคร which is the term in Thai) is one of the most used and quick ways to get financing.

Why Pawn Your Car?

The answer is simple: to get money quickly and easily. The economic one is the only motivation on which the commitment of cars is based because not only is it a way to get a good amount immediately, but it also allows you to continue using the vehicle. At the same time, you return the amount that you have been loaned in monthly installments.

How Do You Pawn A Car?

To pawn your car, you must go to a specialized company. At the moment, there are dozens of them, and some of them are best known.  If they accept the pawn, you will have to make an appointment to appraise the vehicle (you don’t have to be the one who moves, many pawn companies offer the possibility of being the ones who come to your home for the appraisal).

Once the price has been accepted and the return conditions set, there are two options:

– Keep driving the car while you return the money that you have been loaned in monthly installments. In most cases, this option is managed as a rent that you will have to pay to the company.

– Leave the car in storage at the premises of the pawn company, where it will remain immobile and guarded until you pay all the debt.

Is it worth pawning a car?

Economists insist that a car (like any other good) should only be pawned in case of dire necessity. The reason for this recommendation is simple: interest.


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