May 21, 2024

A Basic Company Targets The Defense & Military Market With Disruptive Technology


It certainly is fascinating to listen to about firms that are redefining the guidelines and altering the sport, however here is a short overview of the way a technology-based company with breakthrough solutions, place it altogether.

The Setting

Intilop, a professional in Network Acceleration and Network Security products designed a proper decision to focus on the Aerospace and Defense & Military Markets.

Intilop concentrates on Ultra-Low latency and Hyper Performance Complex Networking Protocol Accelerators, with focus on full TCP, UDP, ARP and IGMP & other Mega IP Cores, Sub Systems and Solutions.

It had been obvious the timing was to introduce fraxel treatments to Defense Contractors along with other Industry players that may employ this high-performance technology within the development and deployment of the complex networking systems.

Applications Mix

Fraxel treatments continues to be put on a variety of customer projects (mix-Industry lines) including:

-greater than 60 high-speed buying and selling firms co-located with NASDAQ, New york stock exchange along with other world stock markets, delivering millions of FIX along with other financial transactions per second

-image transfer applications in Semiconductor Inspection Equipment handling large multi-gigabyte image files requiring to become transferred in tangible-time

-image transfer applications in TeleMedicine Server Systems where large multi-megabyte image files have to be transferred live as well as in real-time

-ground stations supporting Satellite systems disbursing data and pictures live for an active, complex network.

Current Picture

The organization had traction with notable Defense Contractors like Northrop Grumman, IBM, L-3, Telspan yet others, which validated the Proper direction.

The Spade Work

Core research was conducted to recognize key segments and application areas which were a “best fit” chance for that company’s technology base.

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