April 15, 2024

Gentlemens clubs and their significance in the corporate world


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Strip clubs or gentlemens clubs have always been a topical issue. Strip clubs have managed to seep into politics and other societal issues. In the corporate world, the issue of gentlemens clubs is a polarizing one. Some shrug it off as nothing new and something to be expected. Since we live in a largely patriarchal society women are a long way off from shattering the corporate glass ceiling. There has been some progress as women learn to understand the dynamic nature of adult entertainment. It may have started as a “man’s thing” and designed to keep women away but female eecutives have come to embrace gentlemens clubs.

Gone are the days where men held the monopoly on stripping or sex. This is why women are visiting gentlemens clubs Melbourne not only with their significant other but with work colleagues. Corporate events featuring strippers are still happening.  Despite the conflicting messages that feminist have been peddling – strippers should be allowed to take ownership of their bodies and do what they want to do.

Gentlemens clubs Melbourne are big on their corporate business.  Many would offer incentives like membership fees, corporate memberships and at this time of year, corporate, christmas partiestoo . This could be seen as the creation of a new kind of exclusion particularly since it is a business created by men in accordance to what men find scintillating. 

The fact that strip clubs are not recognised as establishments that offer sexual services seems faintly ridiculous but that is the situation in Victoria. There is no separate licensing system for strip clubs, so at the moment, they are registered under a variety of different business types. In Gentlemens clubs you won’t find naked women jelly or mud wrestling, just dancing and flirting. The girls come in to work in a more civilised manner and not in way that will make anyone feel unconfutable.

Gentlemens clubs in Melbourne operate under less strict regulations than brothels because  there is no solicitation for sex. It’s a look don’t touch interaction. It’s a business that is on the lower end what is known as commercial sex. This is because stripping like Prostitution involves buying and selling the sex, whether physically or as an illusion. A lot of people won’t debate this, but there is a not-so distinct line that separates prostitution and Stripping especially for gentlemens clubs which has started and fueled debates on whether one is the same as the other. Naked, flexible women may make some women feel insecure. If you asked any guy about what they gain from visiting gentlemens clubs they are most likely to tell you that it  is less about watching scantily dressed women contorting their bodies and sliding up a down a pole but about the judgement-free zone and the courtesy that strippers show their clients. A gentlemens club Melbourne might not be the ideal place for a corporate meeting but it is absolutely a great place to celebrate some achievement. The name: Strip club sounds seedy but a gentlemens club sounds more serious or respectable.

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