How to Make Pretty DIY Resin Pendants?

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If you love small customized pendants, then DIY resin pendants are one that you must try to make. You can make your design using varieties of embellishments like dried flower, charms, and shapes to make your pendant unique and customized. You can also preserve your precious little thing and wear it, and keep it with you in the form of a pendant. The best thing about making DIY pendants using Transparent Resin [เร ซิ่น หล่อ ใส, which are the term in Thai] is you have a wide range of creativity to infuse into the pendants and show it to the world with contentment. If you are beginning to make your resin art, especially resin jewelry, then here is our quick guide to help you make DIY resin pendants.

  • Materials You Need
  1. Dried flower, and other embellishments you want to add into your pendants. Dried flower pendants are one of the popular DIY resin pendants. You can add some tiny flowers like lavender, yellow buttercups, grass with the bits on top, and others that can give a sense of pretty.
  2. Jewelry molds that can give best results working with resin.
  3.  Gloves, toothpicks, paper towel, and a small paintbrush, and straw.
  4. Transparent Resin
  5. Pendant bails
  • Wear your gloves and Mix your resin using mixing equipment according to the instructions given on your package. Make sure to use jewelry resin that cures quickly, and that is clearer and transparent.
  • Now, pour your resin mixture into the jewelry mold, ensuring there are no air bubbles.
  • Place and fix the tiny flowers and embellishments inside the poured resin using a toothpick. Don’t overcrowd your pendant with lots of decors. Keep it simple and pretty.
  • Now, cover it and leave it for settling in, after 30 minutes, see if there are any air bubbles generated. You can remove the air bubble by blowing gently over the resin with the straw. Repeat this after another few minutes, then leave it for curing overnight.
  • After your resin completely cures, remove it from the jewelry molds and cut out the extra resin from the sides using a sharp knife.
  • Lastly, add jewelry bails or pendant bails to the top of the pendants and here is your DIY resin pendant ready to wear.
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Choosing Holistic Medicine Colleges for Your Educational Needs  

What-to-Look for-in-a-Center-for-Holistic-Medicine

According to the National Institutes of Health, the number of adults using complementary and alternative medicine rose slightly (2.3 percent nationwide) between 2002 and 2007. With greater acceptance and a more universal appeal, you can expect those numbers to increase dramatically by 2020. As traditional medicine becomes costlier and more controversial, more people are seeking holistic approaches to healing than ever before.

This means there is room for many more practitioners to make their mark within the holistic medicine community. It also means that more holistic colleges are cropping up online and across the country.

Choosing the right college for your holistic medication can make a world of difference in your success and happiness as an alternative health practitioner. These are some of the things you should consider when choosing between the large selection of holistic colleges.


Does the college offer classes and instruction during times that work for your schedule? Many people decide to pursue holistic medicine after experiencing time in other healthcare fields or while working in different industries altogether.

Most need to continue to work while earning your holistic medicine degrees or certifications. Is the college you’re considering compatible with your needs for access?

Programs Offered

Another consideration to keep in mind involves the types of degrees offered by the college. Are they compatible with your career goals? For instance, some holistic colleges offer the following programs:

  • Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in holistic medicine and healing nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Ph.D. in holistic nutrition
  • Bachelor/Master of science, and Ph.D. in holistic natural health and nutrition
  • Naturorthopathic doctor w/5 prerequisites
  • Bachelor/Master of Science, and Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health and Healing
  • Master of Science degree in whole medicine and food healing nutrition
  • Holistic HygioPhysician certification program
  • Certified Natural Health Practitioner Certification
  • Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Certification
  • Natural Health Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Combined Certification

Leaving many options open to students interested in a more holistic approach to nutrition, medicine, and healing.


Finally, it’s essential to make sure the appropriate authorities accredit the holistic colleges you choose. Otherwise, you could find yourself fighting an uphill battle when it comes to putting your education into practice.

National and international accreditations to consider include:

  • The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, which allows graduates to apply to become board certified Holistic Natural Health Practitioners.
  • The World-Wide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions

The key is to make sure you have a pathway to certification or board certification in your chosen field upon graduation.

Online degrees in the holistic medicine field offer flexibility and affordability that makes this critical education affordable for many students. Choose wisely when selecting holistic medicine colleges. Allowing you to get the education you desire and deserve.


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Benefits of CBD Oil for Human Body


In clinical researches, many benefits of CBD oil have been found out. CBD oil or Cannabidiol is found in marijuana, but it has no psychoactive effects which make marijuana great for recreational use. The benefits of CBD oil is real as it has strong therapeutic and medicinal value for medical conditions.

Following are a few benefits you are going to get from CBD oil:

  • Help in Digestion

For good health, you always need a healthy appetite, and primarily when your body is healing from something. There are some conditions when your appetite will decrease, and that will prevent your body to heal by itself. After CBD is taken, your appetite gets stimulated as per the National Cancer Institute. Inside the human body, CBD gets tightly tied with the cannabinoid receptors. According to scientists, these receptors play a vital role in maintaining the feeding behavior. Your appetite gets stimulated when CBD is docked on those receptors.

Nausea and vomiting also get eased by CBD. It is mainly seen when a person is going to chemotherapy and other medical therapies for diseases.

  • Analgesic

Pain is relieved by CBD as they can bind with the CB1 receptors in the human body. It is also found that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, and so reduces swelling.

  • Anxiousness Relief

CBD may minimize serious social anxiety, generalized social stress and anxiety disorder, or SAD, is just one of the most common forms of anxiousness disorders that harm the quality of life. Some consumers feel like they have increased social anxiety after the usage of marijuana, but this may be due to reduced levels of CBD proportionate to the greater levels of THC.

National Institute of Mental Health reports that around 15 million grownups in the USA have social phobia, and 6.8 million have a generalized anxiety problem. Standard treatment normally entails counseling and medicines. Treatment with CBD might be much better than anti-depressants since it acts rapidly and does not cause side effects or withdrawal signs.

  • Cancer Spread

The National Cancer Institute shows several types of research into the effects of CBD as anti-tumor. One research in rats and mice suggest CBDs “might have a safety impact versus the development of particular types of tumors.” CBDs might do this by causing the death of tumor cells, hindering cancer cell growth, and by regulating and inhibiting the spread of cancer cells.

One study by California Pacific Medical Center suggests CBD has the ability to turn off the genetics involved in the spread of breast cancer cells. These researchers found CBD hinders ID-1, an activity that prevents cancer cells from taking a trip to remote tissues.

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