Enjoy Life With Learning How to hit a golf ball During Vacation


Over the years, the concept of having a mini-golf course within the premises of a resort has flourished globally. All you have to do is to pack your bags and go for a trip where you will get the opportunity to live amidst the greens. And you also get a chance to learn How to hit a golf ball [วิธี ตี กอล์ฟ, which is the term in Thai]. Now, that’s exciting enough to start planning immediately. Airy villas, sunlit terraces, open-air cafes, and more- the living choices are endless as you pick the best resorts to stay in for a fantastic experience.

Broad golfing experience

Stepping off your house and flying to a new place where you get to stay in a villa overseeing a golf course is just like a dream coming true. And if you are a golfer, it is living the dream every minute. You can select the cozy and traditional style cottages that will provide you with the appropriate 36 hole experience. There will be golf pros who can help you learn the sport basics within the few days of your stay. Investing in such accommodations will be perfect.

Mental peace

In today’s fast-paced life, one thing is actually missing from the lives of maximum people. And that thing is mental peace. The constant rush to achieve more, earn more, do better is making you forget the simple joys of life. Looking at the vast green never-ending turf, you can feel that life is beautiful only if you know how to take the right pauses. Learning the basics of how to play golf will give you the confidence that you can learn a sport even now and you can enjoy playing it in the future. So it is like opening a new gate to enjoy better ways.

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Different Outdoor Game Tables That Are Perfect For Family Leisure

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Some people venture into playing table and board games such as billiards, shuffleboard, and tennis table professionally. They invest their time training and honing their skills to improve their playing capacity. Others even have their own game tables at home so that they can keep practicing without needing to go to a different venue.

When they are not playing these table games for tournaments, these professionals can share their knowledge and teach family members and friends how to play these games when they meet in social gatherings.

Table and board games are often regarded as indoor activities. However, there has been a rising demand for their outdoor counterparts over the years. These pieces are built with durable and weather-resistant materials, ensuring their resilience and longevity. Outdoor game tables can also enhance leisure time with family and peers as they hang out in the backyard.

Playing outdoor table games is an excellent source of entertainment and enrichment regardless if one is already familiar with the game or not. It can act as a conversation starter to promote face-to-face communication.

With a unique outdoor game table, people are sure to ask about it or inquire how to play the game if they do not know the rules yet. They can also talk about anything under the sun while playing to learn more about each other or catch up, especially if relatives and friends have not seen one another for a long time. Moreover, engaging in a friendly competition with peers also encourages cognitive thinking as participants strategize their moves.

If you are considering getting an outdoor game table, it is important to purchase from reliable companies that provide resilient products that last for years.

Reputable manufacturers like R&R Outdoors, also known as All Weather Billiards and Games, has been providing top-quality outdoor table and board games for over 20 years. Their top-notch work quality and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that their clients will receive only the highest quality products.

Having an outdoor gaming table is a great investment for professional and non-professional players alike. They can keep practicing their skills with table games while providing an entertainment source family members and peers can enjoy together.

There are many outdoor game tables that are ideal for family leisure. If you are having a hard time choosing, check out the options listed in the following infographic from R&R Outdoors.

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Join Team Sakura to gain the skill in Futsal and play it smartly


Are you a sports player? What kind of sports do you like to play? Indoor, Outdoor, Badminton, Handball, Football and a lot more, this may also include gymnast or athletic games like boxing. There are numerous sports if you align all of them together in a list. Similarly there are many sports player who starts their sports activities from the basement of the house to the national and international level.

But the major question arrives when you need to play a game or any sports that demands either two or more than two players. But the other edge of such sports is they make such games more interesting and entertaining.  Few of you may like to play Soccer which is played outside, however many of you may interest to play Futsal that is played indoor. In other terms it may not require larger space nor needs less of the space when compared to soccer. But these are the two sports that are grabbing huge crowd towards them. Like for futsal there is Team Sakura that invites every individual to participate in their team and perform futsal. Especially for the beginners who are interested to play futsal they can join Team and enhance their skill as this will be more convenient to build their skill rather than training an individual who has already played any other sports like football, handball, rugby, soccer, etc.

Futsal is a game usually played by making hockey sized goal. However the players are always free to enter in the foul area and can hit the ball over head height. Futsal has two teams just like soccer and football but the team only consist of five members in each team. The rules are well defined by the Sakura Team to their players that include:

  • Team May announce timeout
  • No injury or overtime
  • Four players and one goalie
  • Goal keeper is allowed to wear different color jersey then the other players of his/her team

You can enrol yourself today with Sakura to explore the new side of futsal which will help you to create your name in the pages of Futsal which was announced as Olympic sports in 2018 summer youth Olympics.

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