June 22, 2024

Renting a car payless: The Easy Choice That You Can have Now


Are you looking for car rental tips during your stay? Know the pitfalls to avoid when you rent a car because all the opinions on the internet scare you a little? Rent a car with efficient and French customer service. This is my feedback.

Car rental tips

Many of you ask me for advice on renting a car payless during your stays. Note that these tips are valid for these 3 countries because the procedures are the same.

If your plane arrives at 9 a.m., enter the recovery time at 10 a.m. because if you arrive late the lessor is no longer obliged to keep your vehicle even if you have paid (well they are not at 30 minutes or so, but you never know who you may come across.).

Same for the return of the car, if you put 14h and you arrive at 15h the renter may ask you for additional costs, so it is better to be large. In most agencies, whether you select a return at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. or 8 p.m., it counts a day, but this information is only communicated once you have made the payment.

Rental car insurance advice

Once you have clicked on “Search” Carigami.fr will display this page. It is important to select “Insurance without deductible, Tires / glass breakage, Underbody”. Remember to select these options, it is really cheap and could save you a lot of trouble.

You will see different choice of vehicle with the boxes unchecked – Insurance: with Deductible and without tire and glass breakage insurance. So remember to select a car with these boxes checked.

Insurance advice for renting your car?

You may have read all over the forums that quite a few people have been had with car insurance. The problem is that the rental company wants to raise the invoice and for that it tries to make you sign insurance contracts when you come to collect the rental vehicle.The system is well established, they know how to do it and if they can have you they will do it without any regrets.So the best thing is to take out all-inclusive insurance when booking your payless rental car. With the Payless car rental BWI service you can have the best choice now.

Here is what you should therefore check to be insured even if you have a serious accident and even if you are at fault:

  • Insurance without deductible
  • Tires / glass breakage
  • Underbody

In short, with this package, you are insured in the event of damage, that is to say: scratch, collision, body collision (even if it is your fault), theft protection, tire insurance, ice debris.

And so it’s blocked or debited then?

Well we cannot know, it is the renter who will tell you the day of recovery of your rental vehicle at the airport , so in case of doubt remember to have the amount on your account.You just have to print the voucher to collect the vehicle, there is everything you need for the rental company above (information on insurance too).

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