June 22, 2024

red hair special care in Brooklyn Barbershop


Red hair by nature is distinguished by increased fragility and vulnerability to external factors, so you need to care for it keenly. Such hair is more susceptible to cross-section, which means that it needs to be trimmed regularly – about once every six weeks how Brooklyn Barbers always recommend to their clients.

In addition, the scalp of red-haired people is usually extremely delicate and thin, as a result of which the risk of dandruff is very high.

To avoid this, you need to be very careful about the used shampoos and styling products: study their composition, conduct preliminary sensitization tests, applying a new balm or mousse to a small area of your skin, and do not mix several products from different companies.

Red hair is most often dry. Therefore, red hair must be thoroughly moisturized. However, do not forget to choose care products to the type and characteristics of your hair.

One of the main features of red hair is their dryness. That’s why you need nutrients, but not those that are designed to refresh the color of your hair. After all, if the hair is sufficiently moisturized, then the color of your hair will remain bright.

Do you have very dry hair? Use keratin-based care products. They are very effective and allow you to update the structure of the hair, slightly straightening it. Long hair often has damaged ends of the strands, so you should pay special attention to it.

Do you find that your red hair is constantly curly? The reason for this is dry hair as well. You need to take care of your hair daily. Also, be attentive to your lifestyle.

Be sure to use hair masks. In the summer, your red hair needs special attention. It’s not because of the color of the hair, but the fact that dry hair suffers from sunlight much more than other types.

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