June 22, 2024

How to Furnish a Small Space – Design Tips and Tricks


Small homes do not have to compromise on style by any means, you just have to work your way around the furnishing process carefully and mindfully! With households getting smaller and smaller, we’re all always trying to find new ways to maximise the room that we do have in order to get the most style, function and homeliness out of it. Follow these clever design tips and tricks to ensure that your cosy, compact house feels as homely and comfortable as it possibly can! If you’re living in a small HDB in Singapore, check out these 3-room HDB design ideas by Swiss Interior to make the most out of your living space. 

Let There Be Light 

Keep to a light, airy colour palette in every area of your home to get as much visual space flowing as possible. Light colours encourage natural light and make everything feel more open and comfortable. You can also accommodate as much light as possible by ensuring that windows are unobstructed by big pieces of furniture. This will make a feature of the light pouring in and create more breathing room for the space. 

Choose Statement Pieces to Play With Scale 

Although shopping to scale is definitely a great way of designing a space, it’s not the only way! You can always play around with scale by choosing a larger statement centrepiece and contrasting it with small scatter tables or more compact furnishings throughout the room. Think tiny vases mixed with oversized artwork for creative takes on small areas. 

Lay Down the Foundations 

Laying down rugs is a great means of establishing different areas of small homes. You can also bring a hit of colour and pattern to the room without having to use clunky statement pieces or darker tones in your furnishings. Choose statement rugs in each room to establish the space and bring in plenty of personality, without eating up your floor plan. 

Stick to Plush, Cosy Textiles 

Why not lean into the cosy nature of compact spaces by sticking to plush textiles and pieces? This will make your household feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible, which is what great interior design should be all about, really! Look for cosy cottons, airy linens, woven details and crochet blankets for creative soft furnishings that will make you feel totally at ease when you’re at home. 

Make it Multi-Functional 

Picking multi-functional family friendly furniture will mean that you save on space without having to skip out on daily necessities and practicalities. Look for blanket boxes that can double up as coffee tables, bed frames with their own drawers to double up as a wardrobe and chests that can also function as a TV unit. All of these will make your rooms feel as open as possible.

Look Up for Storage and Style

When in doubt, look upwards! Your walls have so much potential for storage and style, it’s crazy. Install a gallery wall, hanging plants and plenty of artwork to add personality without overcrowding your rooms. Install floating shelves everywhere that you can to add decor and style – this is a great alternative to a bookcase or display cabinet. 

Get Reflective 

Statement mirrors are amazing for small spaces, they make the room look twice as big whilst they are reflecting and they look fantastic doing it! Choose an ornate framed style, this can act as an art piece as well!

Maintain a Mindful Mindset 

Always maintain a mindful mindset and practice restraint as you’re decorating. Start with the centrepieces and essentials in each room, then decor with a slight of hand wherever you can. Making the conscious decision to draw back and celebrate your home for what it is will result in the most stylish and functional end result. 

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