June 22, 2024

The Condominium Building: What to Look For?


Following are the things you should look for before purchasing a Condo Charan 13 [คอน โด รั 13, which is the term in Thai].

  • Is the attendant pleasant? Do they supply services that are important to you? Will they accept your Amazon.com shipment?
  • Are there sufficient elevators? is there a long schedule? Does it feel like there suffice of them for the size of the building?
  • Where are the garbage disposal chutes in connection with the device you’re taking a look at? Close is excellent when you require to toss out the garbage, but, as well, close can indicate noise as well as smells.
  • Are the services close by? Comfort is wonderful, yet if they’re too close, get ready for sound, smells, as well as heavier-than-usual traffic. And also, if you have to shuffle down 4 hallways as well as transform lifts two times to go into the sibling structure, you may not wind up using that fitness center nevertheless.
  • What bars, restaurants, as well as streets are close? Will the sounds, as well as scents, lug into the system?
  • What’s the credibility of the home builder? What other condos have they constructed? Have those condos endured the test of time?
  • What kind of visitor parking is available? If there isn’t much in the building, will your guests be able to park in the local green P areas or on the street?
  • Has the building invested in any kind of green energy campaigns to minimize utility prices? Some condos are so energy-efficient that their condominium charges have gone DOWN throughout the years.
  • What are the cigarette smoking legislations in the structure? How do those rules fit your way of living?
  • What are the pet limitations? Many structures have policies regarding the type, quantity, as well as size of family pets you can have.
  • Is the structure being proactively taken care of? Expect notices in the entrance hall or elevator regarding parasite control, window cleaning, heating system maintenance, and so on.

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