The correct use that is given to electrical appliances will allow them to last more or less time. There are certain appliances that we use in the kitchen that are fundamental in the daily life of a house such as a refrigerator, the washing machine and the ceramic hob or similar. That is why we are going to stop to explain how to maintain the refrigerator so that it lasts longer.

  1. Ideal refrigerator temperature

The ideal temperature recommended by the manufacturers is 4ºC – 5ºC and that of the freezer is -18ºC. Good use of the appliance helps to maintain a stable temperature and prevent appliance wreath (พวงหรีดเครื่องใช้ which is the term in Thai). However, the refrigerator can lose cold for several reasons, and we should take into account the following:

  • Avoid putting hot food in the refrigerator. Please wait for it to cool down before doing so. In addition to heating the environment, the appliance will have to work twice as hard to cool the plate and therefore consume more energy.
  1. Care and maintenance of the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator is another important issue to keep the refrigerator useful for longer Every two or three months, it would be convenient to empty the appliance and clean the rooms in which we leave the food. With a bucket full of hot water with soap and ammonia we will make it glistening. If the appliance has bad odours, then use a litre of hot water with two tablespoons of baking soda, and a cloth and this concoction will be impeccable.

  1. Organize your fridge

Making good use of the appliance also means keeping the food well organized in the refrigerator. This will help maintain freshness, good condition and prevent the transmission of flavours and odours. Let’s talk about how to organize the purchase we make in your fridge. Let’s start at the top:

  • It is advisable to place already cooked food on the upper shelves and properly packed with a container or similar to avoid spillage.
  • In the central part are dairy products, sausages and others.
  • Next, meat and fish just above the fruit and vegetable drawer. This is the coldest part of the fridge. Also, it is recommended to use containers on which to leave these products to prevent dripping.


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