June 22, 2024

How To Choose Your Driving School?


If you live in a village or town with only one or two driving schools, the issue is quickly resolved. But if you live in a large urban area where the choice of driving schools is vast, it sometimes happens that we are not sure which driving school would suit us best, even if they have a garage with a cable protector ramp.

First: You have to choose a driving school near you or your job. The one that will allow you to go there as often as possible because it will be nearby. If you have to take two buses + 1 tram and walked 30min to get there, it may slow you down.

Second: You have to compare the prices from one driving school to another in terms of the package and the rates per service. In general, it does not vary much, but you never know. If you have a driving school that costs $50 cheaper but is 20 km away, it is not worth it.

Third: Remember to check the driving school hours. Is it open when I plan to go there? Is it available on Saturday? Late evening? Then think about asking how many monitors are driving. If there is only one, for example, it will let you know that the car schedule will be more easily filled than if 2 or 3 monitors are running, and therefore you may not be able to place a lot of driving hours in the week (it also depends on driving school attendance).

Fourth: take a look at the opinions of the driving school online. If you see some negative comments from some people on the driving school, I want to clarify that put it into perspective. Think of all the others with whom it went well and who didn’t write it down. Because yes, it is often the unhappy people who will post comments. Word of mouth also works well; often, many students come because friends have had their license, and that is going well.

If you notice during training that things are not going well and you want to change while driving school, know that you will lose everything you have paid and that you have to pay everything back in the next car school. So, take the time to think things over and ask yourself the right questions before signing up.

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