Do you know the Advantages of SureClear Aligners and SureSmile Technology?


You discovered you are getting braces. While you are excited to finally possess a beautiful, straight smile, additionally you dread the discomfort and discomfort and also the constant appointments with the orthodontist. There’s also the couple of years where you will need to watch your food intake and also the more tiresome cleaning of the teeth using the braces.

The initial step with traditional braces gets a mold of the teeth therefore the orthodontist may have a beginning point and think of a targeted plan for treatment. The mold used could be untidy and uncomfortable for patients with bad gag reflexes. They’re also less accurate simply because they only allow the orthodontist begin to see the present placement and alignment from the patient’s teeth.

Following a plan has been created, the braces are applied. Each month the individual must are available in to achieve the wires tightened and adjusted to make sure progressive, correct movement of teeth toward the ultimate target objective of the therapy. Many patients find this constant modifying from the wires to become inconvenient and somewhat painful.

What exactly are SureClear Aligners and SureSmile Technology?

Braces have improved through the years because of improved technology for example SureSmile. The SureSmile treatment involves a 3-D computer type of an individual’s bite by using 3-D images obtained from whether OraScanner or Cone Beam Computed Tomography your bite by utilizing advanced imaging technology to scan the teeth. Using these images, the orthodontist can easily see a person’s teeth and bite from the position without using untidy molds.

With similar SureSmile technology, the orthodontist are capable of doing and examine various treatment outcome simulations. By having an actual picture of the preferred treatment results, they might then think of a more efficient plan for treatment.

SureClear aligners are utilized along with braces that utilize SureSmile technology. These obvious aligners are customized with different patient’s specific plan for treatment.


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