May 21, 2024

3 Tips For Buying Your First Watch


Here are simple and effective tips for you to buy your first watch. Likewise, the tips also apply to those who want to buy a new watch.

Establish The Spending Limit

The first tip is essential and, at the same time, important: you need to know what you can spend in order not to commit yourself financially, especially in times of crisis. Find out what your priorities are and search for watches that fit your planned budget.

Also, keep in mind that periodic maintenance will be required if you choose a watch. Automatic, so consider whether you have the resources to do these services.  Otherwise, opt for a quartz (battery-powered) model. They usually last between 2 to 10 years, depending on the features contained in the watch, before needing maintenance.

Do Your Homework

Search the internet for options that fit your budget and know your Rolex watches price (นาฬิกา Rolex ราคา which is the term in Thai) for instance. Go to some stores and ask to know the products. Know what you want to buy, or have a minimal idea of ​​the options. If you go to a store not knowing what you want, they will most likely push any more profitable product into the store or even some merchandise that has long been in stock. Know that there are products without so much added value, which are not worth the price of the label.

Doing the research beforehand, you can avoid buying a pig in a poke. And don’t forget to ask for a discount. Another advantage of researching in advance is being immune to misinformation.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Photos

You are browsing the website of a certain brand, and you are faced with that beautiful watch. It translates to daring and adventure, everything that reflects your lifestyle. It’s a passion at first sight. Watch out! You might be disappointed!

You should be warned that: the photos on the site were taken by professionals. When you go to a fast-food outlet and order that appetizing hamburger in the photo, the raw reality presents you with a snack that is not so visually appealing, yet it is just as delicious. So don’t be fooled! After looking on the internet, go to a store to taste the watch in person. It makes a lot of difference.

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