June 22, 2024



The Swiss watch market makes up a substantial selection of well-known and internationally known watch brands as well as has a unique tradition in watchmaking dating back centuries. Counterfeiting is a big issue for the watchmaking industry because of the appealing quality as well as the layout of Swiss watches. The production of counterfeit watches and the deliberate use of deceptive geographical signs led Switzerland to shield its legal rights owners in 1971 by establishing an ordinance regulating using the words “Swiss” for watches.

The market for Swiss fake watches, such as counterfeit watch [นาฬิกาก๊อป, which is the term in Thai], is demand-driven. Counterfeiters respond really promptly to changes in the demand for phony watches as well as have the ability to adapt their deals on an industrial scale. The marketplace for fakes seems to be fractional, with costs as well as high quality varies from one nation to another, associated with the levels of economic scenario and revenue.

Fake watches are dispersed around the globe, commonly in little parcels by means of specific nationwide post offices or personal shipment companies. The duty and obligation of such intermediaries in the supply chain are in some cases suspicious. Counterfeiters likewise use certain as well as strategically situated storage space as well as transit hubs, as an example the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to ship the watches to end customers.

Making use of the Internet for selling fake watches is not a new sensation and is boosting. Lots of online platforms, such as Alibaba, Bukalapak, as well as others, as well as social media sites, such as Facebook Market as well as WhatsApp, are used as distribution networks. Even YouTube is included, given that videos are discussing how to buy fake watches, with web links to sales websites. Nevertheless, some internet sales networks have taken active actions to stop counterfeiters from easily publishing fake items on their platforms.

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