April 15, 2024

Why is it so hard to purchase a brand-new steel Rolex?


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It’s the million-dollar elephant in the room. Why can no one get anything? The remarkable trouble dealing with the ordinary punter intending to acquire a new steel Rolex without paying means over the recommended retail price on the grey market.

In the watch local, this has ended up being a usual lament. For the typical buyer, sourcing a steel Rolex at the recommended retail price can progressively seem like mission impossible. Whereas five years ago, the Batman blue, as well as black bezel GMT-Master II, was the hard-to-get version, and then the Daytona became the following essential, the dry spell has currently spread to all-steel designs, professional variety or not.

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The extent of the Rolex shortage was summed up a month approximately ago when the respected auction home Phillips sold a selection of models from the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection that just appeared in August 2014. This informs you everything you require to find out about the crazy demand for a new Rolex stock. Public auction homes, after all, specialize in trading the rarest as well as important items that cannot be purchased via standard retail channels. In providing this Oyster Perpetual, Phillips is acknowledging that new, stainless-steel Rolex watches are similarly unattainable.

Scroll down on any kind of blog post on Rolex’s Instagram web page as well as you’ll find a barrage of negative thoughts on the obstacle of getting hold of a watch. The complaints inevitably concentrate on the same old points, limitless waiting lists, unscrupulous suppliers as well as the reality that a lot of new models are instantaneously flipped onto the grey market where they’re sold for eye-popping rates. Underneath Rolex’s Insta post for the new Submariner Day, @marcopiper’s remark summarize the general mood. I have got on the waiting checklist because of the day it came out. I make certain I’ll get that AD call in 2047. That watch, by the way, is commonly readily available on Chrono24, if you’re willing to pay over $30,000, a lot more which double the $13,400 RRP.

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