June 22, 2024

What NOT to keep in a self storage unit


Self storage units can be used to store almost anything. However, there are limits to what can and should be kept in a self storage unit. Some items will not be allowed according to the facility’s rules, while others might not be suitable for sitting in a storage unit. Before you rent a self storage unit, you should check what the facility does and doesn’t allow you to store. You should also think about what you are and aren’t willing to store in another location, away from your home or business. Although your storage unit should be secure, there is still a small chance of theft or damage.

Food, Drink and Other Perishables

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to leave in a storage unit, it’s anything that can go bad. Food and drink will only last so long, and it’s easy to forget about what’s in your storage unit. Even food that is preserved or will last a long time usually can’t be kept in storage units. The unit is likely not hygienic enough, and many facilities will not allow food or drink to be kept on-site. It’s best to consider other options if you need somewhere to store food and drink items.

Dangerous Items

Anything that’s potentially dangerous can’t be kept in your self storage unit. This could include a range of items and substances, from gas canisters to fireworks and chemicals. Of course, anything illegal shouldn’t be kept in a self storage unit, either. The storage facility will tell you which items you can’t keep in your unit, but you should also use your common sense to consider what should and shouldn’t go in there. Anything that is flammable or combustible or that emits fumes or odours should be stored elsewhere. Henfield Storage can offer you guidance on what can and can’t be stored in their storage units in Horsham.

Valuable Items

When you choose a self storage unit, you can find a safe and secure facility. Taking out insurance on the contents of your storage unit is also a smart idea, helping to cover the costs of anything that might get damaged or stolen. However, there are still some valuable items that you might not want to store in your storage unit. These include items that are both valuable in terms of money and in terms of sentimentality. While not all of your possessions might be worth a lot monetarily, there are things that can mean a lot to you that you might not want to store.

Self storage units offer plenty of security to help protect your things. You can be fairly certain that anything that you put in your unit will be safe, and you can visit to check on it whenever you want to. However, you still might want to think carefully about what to put in there. There is always a small risk of something happening. While insurance can help with expenses, it won’t help you to replace precious memories.

Many things can be kept in a self storage unit, but there are some things that should be kept elsewhere. Be sure to check the terms that you agree to when you rent a unit.

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