June 22, 2024

Tips for Choosing Restaurant Table Bases


Restaurant table base kits (ขา โต๊ะ เหล็ก สํา เร็ จ รูป, which is the term in Thai) vary in shape,size and weight. Various characteristics and style are suited for different businesses; thus, it can be challenging to choose the right base for your application, but you’re not short of options. So this post will guide you to choose the best option that fits your needs.

Number of Bases

Two factors determine the number of table bases that you use for your table: table dimensions and base type. The base manufacturer usually specifies the maximum table size for a particular base. A lot of base types require a minimum of two bases to be stable.

Static or Mobile

Mobility is another factor you’ll need to decide on. Most tables use standard table bases and will not be positioned to the floor. In some cases, such as restaurant tables, bolting the table to the floor is necessary for improved stability and security. Furthermore, you’ll need to decide if casters or wheels are best for your table base. Casters are added to a few table bases for additional mobility.


Table bases are constructed and manufactured in three ways. Either they have a thru-bolt assembly, welded assembly, or both combine. Cast iron welded table base, for example, are pre-assembled and ready for use. Bases that require bolted assembly come un-assembled and dissembled if need be.


Most people consider the finish of a table base first when purchasing. There are several finishes available, and you can also add a custom finish if you want to; for instance, painting the base. However, this is not recommended as most table bases are metal and are coated with a special powder, you’re only able to paint if you use a paint that is produced for metal applications.

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