June 22, 2024



As a customer find the perfect fit of clothes is never an easy task especially when the job is done online. but for those of us who are forced to guess, there may be a great solution. Developers have created a program that uses a webcam to extract accurate measurements of the body which makes it possible to shop online without facing the problem of ill-fitted attire that the customer ends up sending back and reduces the customer loyalty towards that brand thereby decreasing the sales of the company. the concept of this software is very simple. The webcam is integrated with a program that scans the individual from head to toe using a compact disc of calibration. The measurements are the closest to accuracy almost like be taken by a professional tailor. But this option saves money and time for the customer

Fashion retailing in an era of customization and personalization 

This is the era of mass customization where a selected set of product categories are experiencing requests from customers who are interested in purchasing customized products and services. Shortly businesses that do not allow an element of personalization into their product range will be at the risk of losing customer loyalty and sales. In the fashion industry personalization is a complex situation. Hence, to create a personalized fit in style the company needs to understand the details and construction behind each product and the relationship with the consumers who buy them. Personalization of the shopping experience allows the business to create a relationship with the customers in thin the current times where the customers Brought in via different channels.

Websites that personalized the shopping experience for the consumer 

12Tess is a Thailand based startup that has created a data-driven personalization platform. It is a huge database of fitting and styling for apparels Such as personalise shirt, customized clothing bags, etc. Keep up with the trends by using the services they have to offer. For more information on how to operate and to know more about the other services, they provide click on their website.

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