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Once you’ve got traction and your profile has started to pump, an important tip is to identify influencers within your niche and close partnerships with them (be they more or less popular) and, if possible, also with brands complementary to your business.

You can from sending products to an influencer to test and post, upon disclosure of the profile, to inviting him to take over your account for a day , as long as he understands your business and makes publications that do not escape your editorial line. Either way, according to his reach, he can bring you more followers (and customers).

Likewise, maintaining a good relationship with brands is essential to enable agreements and partnerships, which range from the supply of products to contracts themselves, involving payment in cash. Still, staying true to your audience and staying professional will yield positive points for you and your business. As you Buy Cheap Instagram Likes you can find the best results there.

Know how to relate to your audience

Here come the basic rules of coexistence: don’t be rude, answer questions, talk to your followers, ask questions. Anyway, be an exemplary user of Instagram and not someone despicable. Profiles that seek to print a good brand do not survive by defeating their audience.

If someone sends you a gift, talk about it, post a photo or make a thank you video. Remember, everyone starts from somewhere, and in doing so, you can be helping someone who is also looking to leverage your business. So be generous.

Know how to sell your fish

There is no other way: be a good trader. You’re selling content or products, so you need to know the rules of the game to make Instagram’s algorithm work in your favor. An important tip is to identify the best times to publish, that is, to know when your followers will be online to view your most recent photos.

Learn to work with your partners and offer discounts and promote sweepstakes, in order to move your profile and increase engagement. Publishing photos of followers with you or using your products also generates good results, as it shows that you are close to your audience.

Be consistent, but not a spammer

Nobody likes a profile that lives in style, so always publish something. It can be a video, a photo, a Story or a GIF, but keep your profile busy with constant updates. That way, your follower won’t feel like an abandoned account and will always come back to see what you’ve been up to.

On the other hand, don’t overdo it. It’s very easy to lose your hand and clog Instagram with several posts a day, and everything that is too much makes you sick. If you weigh your hand and post more content than your follower sees fit, they’ll treat you like a spammer and stop following you. This can trigger a catastrophic domino effect.

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The secret is knowing how to regulate the amount of daily posts: not too little to pass the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčabandonment, and not too much to irritate the follower. As always, it is important to maintain balance.

With these tips, you should considerably increase your popularity and the number of likes on Instagram, since the social network identifies the profiles that are pumping. Thus, your photos, videos and Stories will be seen by more people with similar tastes and, over time, you may even be among the main influencers of the platform.



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