May 21, 2024

Quick Guide To Identify Dead Trees In Your Lot


The dead tree in your yard is never a good thing. However, get the right tree service to remove it and the problem is solved. Identifying the culprit tree is smart yard maintenance that needs to be done every season. Yearly maintenance will help you identify trouble trees and try to save them before they have to be removed. This is, again, where a good tree service comes into play.

Tree removal San Antonio knows how to spot trouble trees and the safe way to remove them if necessary. Learning how to spot damaged and dead trees is not as easy as you have been led to believe. If a tree doesn’t have leaves and it’s an ashy gray color with broken limbs laying all around it, then yes it’s a dead tree. If it hasn’t had foliage for two seasons, yes it’s a dead tree. This is an easy determination. Now, spotting damaged and near dead trees can be a little more difficult. The condition of your trees and how they are maintained makes all the difference in tree health. Because that is really what we are talking about. The health of the tree and how to maintain that health. Also, ways of healing a sick or damaged tree.

The tree that doesn’t produce new twigs and leaves is not healthy. The tree needs leaves to breathe and that process is called photosynthesis. Trees remove carbon monoxide from the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen. This is an important process for human survival on this planet. It is why life exists today. So, we need to maintain the health of our trees to secure our existence on this planet. Leaves are the main part of this process. If a tree does not have leaves it is not breathing witch means it is not healthy. If this condition persists for any length of time, the tree will die. So leaves are a great way to spot a dead or dying tree.

The branches of a tree are what support the leaves and help in the photosynthesis process. If the small branches do not bud and produce leaves every season than the tree is unhealthy. The small branches are the pathways that are key in the trees’ survival. If branches are not producing leaves there is a problem. If a lot of branches are broken and falling from the tree then the tree will die. This condition will start with the little branches and work its way down to the bigger branches and the deterioration process will continue until the only thing left is the trunk.

The condition of the trees’ trunk is a good way to determine tree health. If the trunk has been damaged due to weather or a lightning strike, the damage will be evident. This also allows for disease and insect infestation which leads to the ultimate demise of the trees’ trunk. This will soon lead to the death of the tree.

The overall health of a tree is easily noticed by the appearance of the tree. A beautiful tree is a healthy tree. A tree that has broken limbs and no leaves is ugly and, in turn, not healthy. Properly trimming and inspecting your trees will help keep them in tip-top shape. Tree removal San Antonio can help in this process by evaluating the tree, suggesting maintenance trimming as needed, and if necessary the trees removal. An inspection of your trees should be done every year. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself hire a professional tree service like tree removal San Antonio for all your tree service needs.

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