June 22, 2024

Playing poker according to table positions


There are many websites where people can play online poker games and one of the themes is ceme online. One of the popular games on these websites is Texas Hold’em, which is good for beginners. Along with the right cards for winning, the table position is also a strong option. The best seat is the one, which is available to the right of the dealer. Seats at early positions are considered as the worst seats. These seats can be one or two seats to the left of the dealer. Such players do not know about the strategies of the opponent.

Types of table position in poker games

Maximum nine players can play the game and we will discuss the position of tables based on these nine players.

Early Position or EP

Players who are sitting in the early positions have to make decisions earlier in comparison to other players. First, the early position is the person who is sitting to the left of the person who has made a big blind. He is the first one to make a bet and such a player is called UTG or Under the Gun. The next player to the left of UTG is also an early position.

Middle Position or MP

The players sitting at this position are better as they have the option to take decisions after some of the players have played their bet. But still, some players are left who will act after the players sitting in the middle position.

Last Position or LP

These are the players who act after most of the players have made a bet or called or raised it.


The players who sit in a blind position act after the pre-flop but make the first flop.

Importance of Table Positions in Poker Games

The position at which a player sits is very important in a poker game. If a player is sitting at an early position, his strategy of playing the game will be different from the player sitting at the last position. The player sitting at the last position has the advantage of knowing about the strategies that other players can use during the game. These players will also have the idea of the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents.

During the flop round, players sitting at the last position can guess about the interest of each player. Such players can make a bluff to confuse their opponents. These players also have the chance of winning more pots and making the bets effectively.

Strategies made at different positions

Here are some of the strategies, which people can use while sitting at different positions

Early Position

Such players should play only for the best hands as many players get the chance of making bets or take other types of actions.

Middle Position

People sitting in this position have the chance to raise the bet.

Last Position

Such players can re-raise the bet or make a fold.

Wrapping Up

Table position is one of the strong ways of winning a game. Players sitting at the last position get most of the chances to win the pot in comparison to their opponents. So all of them have to take about the position where they are sitting and make strategies accordingly.

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