May 21, 2024

Is Ultherapy is a Safe Procedure?


A full-face lift without downtime or cuts sounded like an overpromise in the beginning. The year was 2016, and although there had already been numerous improvements in aesthetic treatments as well as surgical procedures, I had yet to see as well as experience a treatment that would absolutely generate results, as well as for long-term.

An Ultherapy treatment had been arranged upon referral of a work colleague entrenched in the business of elegance. Skin doctors, specialists of plastic surgery, as well as appeal specialists were going crazy about this innovation, nonintrusive facelift. Farewell fine lines, dewlaps, as well as drooping skin. The scientific research behind this miracle, at least to me, was difficult to imagine, not to mention comprehend. Three things, however, sealed the bargain.

Firmer as well as Lifted

Using modern mini concentrated ultrasound technology, Ultherapy successfully lifts and tightens up skin. Areas of focus for the therapy included brow, neck, as well as jawline. The treatment additionally visibly diminished the look of penalties lines as well as creases on basic areas.

Noninvasive as well as Relatively Pain-Free

Ultrasound technology additionally assists the physician to see and, after that, treat the inmost assistance layers without reducing or disrupting the surface; whether it hurts or not will depend upon one’s resistance to discomfort. Myself having no limit for pain, topical numbing lotion had been administered 45 minutes pre-therapy. It brought alleviation as well as ease, especially towards the tail end of the therapy. Usually, there is a melting sensation on the deep layers of skin as the probe goes over parts of the face, neck, as well as décolleté.

There are those, unlike myself, who locate Ultherapy therapies rather comforting, as well as relaxing. We’re servicing technical improvements. Sometimes, Ultherapy can be a little agonizing. You’ll have a numbing cream before, yet then you’ll have a calming lotion that you’ll apply later on. So, there’s an entire regimen before, as well as after the treatment recommended by Pro Ulthera [โปร ulthera, which is the term in Thai] in collaboration.

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