Couple to be consumed preferably within… 3 years


Sincere love lasts a lifetime. There are those who agree and those who do not on this statement.

But there are also many other theories that love only lasts three years , just like Beigbeder’s novel of the same name in which couples go through the stages of excitement, habit and boredom.

Who is sure that this statement is false is precisely the science that has identified 4 different factors that often cause the end of love over the years . But what are they?

1 – Are you in love with the same person you met?

One of the first things that can change in such a short time, but just as long for a couple, is your or your partner’s character change. People grow, evolve , create personal goals, change and a relationship whose intentions began in the best way is not necessarily going to continue the same way.

Once the pure chemical attraction is over, you need to figure out if you actually still feel the same emotions and feelings you once did , despite these variations in his character.

If not, then it is useless to continue an adventure that risks draining energy and patience . The time has come to look for another personality that best fits your character, your new interests and also your present and future ambitions.

2 – Burn the stages

Love, unlike friendship, takes twice as much effort to keep . In friendship situations in Top Sito Di Incontri and words are never taken too seriously and on the contrary, often we laugh at them. With your partner, however, every term and every sentence must always be weighed , right from the start. Partly to understand how the other person might react, partly because saying things lightly risks cracking the newly created relationship.

Furthermore, while in friendships there are no goals to reach, in love they are very present and if they are not accomplished within the foreseen terms, we get nervous and frightened .

All these conflicting emotions can give rise to small quarrels that risk becoming so big that the relationship becomes unsustainable and ends even before the 3 years identified by science .

3 – The passion between you diminishes

Some research, the most recent of which was carried out by the University of Pavia, says that passion runs out even faster than you think . In fact, it only takes 12 months for it to fade drastically.

The amount of chemicals produced by the body resulting from the initial ” love at first sight” returns to the levels of when you were “single” within a single year and the physical desire of the directly related partner vanishes.

It is precisely at this moment that couples generally break up if something solid has not been built at the base that will make them last for the remaining two years … or more.

4 – You are counteracting the natural withdrawal

The feeling slowly fades. Sometimes you don’t realize it and other times you just don’t want to accept it. For fear of moving away or losing everything built, one falls into habits , into the routines that gave rise to the first falling in love, not understanding that, by doing so, one risks altering one’s personality and creating two problems:

These conditions lead to nervousness, anger, dissatisfaction and resentment which results in a situation that becomes intolerable in the third year .

How to make love last beyond 3 years?

Love is as complicated as it is simple . Many times we take things for granted that shouldn’t be and too important irrelevant things. Love is a constant balance , a scale that can only tilt from one side to the other with the weight of a feather and to make it last beyond three years, once the passion is reduced to a minimum, you must begin to love as people.

In short: love the mind, not the body.

Then discover new interests of your partner , cultivate them together, find new topics to talk about, discuss and grow, evolve together. It won’t be like the initial relationship, but it could be even better. And you, have you ever managed to make your relationship last beyond three years? If not , maybe the person you met wasn’t for you.

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