June 22, 2024

Cannabidiol, or cbd vape liquid, is becoming more common in the UK. It can gently assist the body’s function and is a natural alternative people from all walks and professions are turning to. The United Kingdom, in general, is a diverse country. It has many faiths, colors, and creeds that share the same island.

The question of whether cbd vape liquid, which is prohibited under Islamic law, is permissible or forbidden is frequently raised by many Muslims who are UK citizens. Only by answering this question, people of faith in Islam can find out if health benefits are possible to them.

What has the Quran stated?

If you don’t identify as a Muslim, you may not be familiar with the rules surrounding halal and halal foods. The most important part of Islamic law in this case is whether something can cause intoxication. Because cannabis has been incorrectly associated with cbd derived goods, logic would determine that cbd is halal.

Cbd vape liquid should not be consumed if it has any psychoactive properties.

A brief study of how cbd oil is created

First, let’s take a look at cbd vape liquid. Then we can answer the title question. This should give us the information we need in order to make an informed determination about the quran’s answer.

Cbd vape liquid and the many types of cbd products on offer are derived primarily from cannabis sativa, also commonly known as cannabis. The extracted raw material is subject to either a cleanco2 or solvent-based extraction processes, which leave behind the natural cannabinoids.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is an active ingredient in uk cannabis that gives users a high. It is found in the plant before the process starts, but there is nothing left after it is finished. This should not be considered haram as it can cause intoxication.

The experience of solvents

Some people are concerned about alcohol and alcohol-based solvents being used during extraction. Cbd oil will always contain no alcohol. All solvents are evaporated during extraction leaving only helpful cannabinoids.

There may be trace elements or solvents left behind depending on the equipment used. However, that is not going to stop cbd oil being classed halal. Also, cbd oil that we supply is extracted by co2 so it never comes in contact with alcohol.

Truth: Cbd oil can be consumed without intoxication.


Many of our clients who take cbd oil every day as part of their daily lives have experienced a sense of calmness and relaxation. The body generates endocannabinoids. They transmit messages throughout the body, performing various functions including mood, appetite, and pain.

Cbd oil’s phytocannabinoid mirror the body’s natural endocannabinoids. This allows for better health, general wellness, and internal function. Cbd products’ calm effect should be considered relaxation, not intoxication.

In conclusion

Just cbd recommends that cbd products be halal. But, we also recognize that some members of the Muslim faith may not feel comfortable with the idea, and we prefer that they do not try it. We fully respect the decision of each individual.

We also recognize that both the Muslim community as regards cbd’s halal status and medical industry as it relates to its efficacy for treating physical illnesses, the jury is still out.

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