What You Need To Know Before Writing IELTS


Before the test day, many are worried that they will miss the test and that the dream of a semester abroad is gone. The test is easy to do with a little practice and preparation; many don’t know the test procedure and are therefore very excited. This article will show you how the IELTS is structured and how you can best to study IELTS(เรียน ielts which is the term in thai) so that you can get a good score!

Basic Information on IELTS

The IELTS is a language test that is used to determine your ability through the English language. It is now recognized by many foreign universities; the USA, Canada, and Australia also consider the test to be complete. The IELTS is particularly well known and appreciated in Great Britain. So if you want to spend a semester abroad in England, you have to do the IELTS. In other countries, the result of the TOEFL test can also be submitted.

Price Of IELTS

If you want to take the IELTS, you, unfortunately, have to expect a fee of 226 euros. This is a decent amount, and if the desired number of points is not achieved, it is all the more annoying. You can register through the British Council; The results are also posted there a few weeks after the test. For this, you need a document that certifies your identity. This can be an ID or your passport. You also have to make sure that you choose the correct version of the test – if you want to spend a semester abroad, you have to select the IELTS Academic Version in almost all cases. The IELTS General Training Version is mostly designed for those who want to emigrate and have to show language skills.

The results of the test are then valid for two years, which means that if you want to go abroad again to study or to work there, you will most likely have to take it back.

The Points System

The IELTS has a point system that ranges from 0 to 9 points. 0 means that you were not present at the test day, and 9 means that you are absolute experts. Most universities require a score of around 6.5 – 8, which corresponds to a level from B2 to C1 / 2.


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