What waits for you with the build a therapy room in your garden


Let’s agree, it is not a question of making it a living room for every day, but if you opt for a large combination garden room, or if you are going to spend a little time there, it is necessary to think of your comfort: being able to move freely is only possible with a ridge height of at least 2.20 m.

It is then entirely possible to decorate it to your taste: a terrace for hot summer evenings, an awning for humid days, running water to fill the children’s pool or rinse its tools or even the electricity to have light at all times. To visit this site you need to know all the details about the same. Here are most of them.

What openings for my combination garden room?

Think about your use before you decide and buy a shelter. You may need a double door to pass the self-propelled mower, with or without door sill, hinged or sliding door, fixed or open-able windows, skylights, etc.

Install a rainwater recovery system

What if you took the opportunity to install a rainwater recovery system on the roof of your shelter? You will save water. Think of the shutters if you want to protect the equipment in your garden house from possible pilferage, or the lean-to to store the logs if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace or a stove.

The window can be fixed or opening, casement classic or tilting like a fenestron. The glazing is either acrylic or glass required for double glazing.The floor is a plus for a garden chalet: it reinforces the insulation and ensures daily comfort.

The foundations of a combination garden room

The studs (concrete or PVC): simple to install and economical, the studs are capable of supporting a heavy load.

The concrete slab: it is the most durable solution which offers excellent stability to your shelter. More technical to achieve, it requires knowing how to pour a quality screed. The concrete slab must be equivalent to the exterior surface (+1 or 2cm).

Inserting a waterproofing film or a tarpaulin between the foundations and the base of the shelter helps prevent rising damp.

Which combination garden room should you choose for a habitable garden chalet?

If it is a question of making the shelter a habitable garden chalet, there are several things to take into account to ensure the desired living comfort. Such a project involves:

  • To make electricity and possibly water connections
  • A certain sense of adaptation because in this case, it is a question of living with a minimum of comfort and in a limited space

However, it is possible to live in a garden chalet with a pleasant room temperature thanks to adequate insulation on a wooden chalet preferably for the insulating properties of this material.When insulation is installed under the floor, between the walls of the walls or under the roof, the insulation is optimal.The replacement of wooden joinery with PVC joinery guarantees adequate heat without excessive heating expenditure.


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