April 15, 2024

What Startups Should Do In The Early Stage?


You can start growing your audience before you have a product or an idea for your new business. The right way is like this: You should start promoting yourself and building your audience long before you have a finished product or even before you have a great idea that you want to build. If you wait until you are about to launch and sell your final product, you are usually too late and your business will usually suffer. Many entrepreneurs who are also tech developers did not care much about marketing, until they are desperate to sell their product and make a living. Many tech developers would developers spend countless hours building a prototype/product, but they often face the challenge to attract people to even take a good look at what they have developed. The worst is when they see their very first project crash because they could not find any customers to pay to use their product.

As an entrepreneur, you should always understand the audience you are trying to reach. A portion of this audience will eventually become your users and/or customers.Set out the questions to figure out your target audience including: “Who are these people? Where are they spending the majority of their time online? What are the questions that they want to get answered? What issues have they been facing? What actually are their pain points?”

You need to get used to being ignored. Marketing a business may not seem difficult, but nowadays it can be way more difficult than you think. The biggest problem is the difficulty to get people’s attention with anything. There is too much content out there in the internet which makes it like this: So much content available for consumption, but so little time to do anything. When you can understand this concept, you would come up with a very thorough marketing campaign. It is never enough anymore simply to produce a blog article and then let it spread. Show in the produced content your expertise and authority of the product that you are selling.

If you are to go through companies registry in Hong Kong, you should know that a startup doing business in Hong Kong is not as easy as those doing business in Singapore. When a startup takes off and can survive in HK, it has a very good chance to survive everywhere else in the world. However, in HK’s Cyberport, entrepreneurs may apply for foundation programmes in the early stages of their businesses, rather than using their own personal savings or asking for funding from their families or relatives.

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