June 22, 2024

Tips to Help You Improve Your Marathon Performance


Marathon is a very demanding athletic event. While many runners are in it just to complete the race, others want to win the marathon medal (เหรียญวิ่งมาราธอน, which is the term in Thai) and set a personal record. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, this guide will help you to master this challenge and to attain a new personal record.

Run More and Better

Few runners can improve their finish times without increasing their mileage. The marathon distance is exhausting; it helps if you can train your body for a long-term effort at a more challenging pace. Not to say you have to run the distance all at once. One secret to add a few more distance is to attempt one or two additional runs a week, mainly if your training plan lets you do so.

Don’t Ignore Your Speedwork

 In any marathon plan, speedwork is compulsory. To achieve this, keep the whole workout balanced. This implies that you should do the final reps at the same pace, not slower than you did at the start. Managing your effort is a vital training.

Also, know that speedwork is demanding, hence you should never do speedwork two days in a row.

Stop immediately if you notice muscles/tendons pains or breathing difficulty.

Recovery is Part of the Plan

 Training for a marathon is a long-term plan. Experienced runners need at least eight weeks, and beginners need even more time.

Sleep, balanced diet, and lifestyle all have a vital role in helping you train for a marathon. Marathon training is no easy task; over the course of training, your body is subjected to repeated stress. Giving your body time to adapt and improve your fitness level is essential; hence training plans usually incorporate recovery days and even weeks.

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