June 22, 2024

Things To Know About Telugu Movies


Telugu cinemas are the best career birthplace for many top leading as well upcoming young actors. There are many unknown hidden facts and interesting things that every Telugu movie audience must know!

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From the time-tested Telugu old cinemas classics like ‘AmarasilpiJakkanna’ to the more recent all time hit film in Tollywood ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramulo’, there are few things everyone must know about Telugu movies. 

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  1. More than 200 Telugu cinemas are releasing every year. 
  2. All types of genre movies releasing every year.
  3. Telugu cinemas are popular in the abroad places.
  4. Tollywood term, debatably belonging to West Bengal.
  5. Few Telugu directors, actors, comedians, and even singers globally popular
  6. Telugu cinemas are the next to Hollywood and Bollywood movies
  7. Telugu cinemas are generating the lot of revenue 
  8. Tollywood is the largest producer of Telugu cinemas in India
  9. Tollywood providing jobs and self-employment to thousands of people every year
  10. Telugu cinemas are strengthened with the largest movie production facilities
  11. A Telugu movie is earned the biggest blockbuster in India and globally
  12. Many Tollywood movies are translated into other languages in India and globally
  13. A Telugu movies star hero turned into a chief minister of Andhra pradesh
  14. A Telugu old movie is recorded as Longest Film in India
  15. Telugu movie audiences like much the songs, dance and music
  16. A Tollywood top hero turned into a minister in the central government
  17. Few Tollywood heroes earned popularity in Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil film industries.
  18. There is an exclusive OTT for Telugu movies and web series videos content.

There are many unknown things to know by everyone in india. More than 200 low budget to highest budget based Telugu movies are released every year. After the lockdown situation, after ban on theaters, OTT platforms in India have gained momentum with the closure of theaters due to Covid 19 lockdown. Even those who had not used OTT platforms much before Corona had to stay at home due to lockdown and mostly spending time on OTT platforms for Telugu states for entertainment.

Though Telugu cinema is known for their unique story elements, there are a few Tollywood movies that are extremely entertaining, family emotional. There were strong performances fromTelugu  actors, so grab a box of tissues as we take a look at the most Telugu movies.

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