May 21, 2024

Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?


Now start earning money with just 500 subscribers on YouTube: Here's what  you need to know | MintWhenever people start a YouTube channel, they wish to see their channel grow and make them popular. However, the process of getting more subscribers is slow, cumbersome, and full of uncertainties. It takes time to create quality content that potential subscribers will enjoy. Sometimes it discourages people because their efforts do not amount to the expected results. A few people consider shortcuts, buying YouTube subscribers to speed up their channel’s growth. If your YouTube channel needs subscribers and you are considering buy youtube subscribers, keep reading to find out if it’s a good idea.


First, let’s define YouTube subscribers. YouTube subscribers are YouTube users who have opted to follow channels they enjoy watching to receive notifications when new videos get uploaded. Buying subscribers is paying to have someone follow your channel- it doesn’t guarantee they will watch your videos or engage with them. It means the subscriber count looks good, but there are no accompanying account user activities.


The fact of the matter is that buying subscribers hurts your account in the long run. YouTube’s team has a robust algorithm that detects and penalizes fake subscribers and accounts. As a result, buying subscribers can make your channel quality decrease dramatically, reflecting negatively on all your future organic growth efforts. YouTube is an excellent marketplace where real growth happens organically. YouTube takes into account user engagement (likes, comments, and shares), authenticity and visibility when ranking channels. Buying subscribers only provides an increase in subscriber count and offers little to no benefit to the overall quality and health of your channel.


Uniformity in YouTube subscribers is vital in growing your account. You want followers who appreciate your channel’s content and what you do- those who will recommend your channel to their friends and social media followers to get growth in numbers. Buying subscribers aren’t typically interested in your content, and so they will most likely never convert to permanent subscribers. Organic subscribers, those who appreciate your content, are increasingly likely to engage, share and interact with your channel, helping you gain new followers.


Whenever you choose to buy YouTube subscribers, you risk making the mistake of buying bots. Bots are fake YouTube accounts that exist to raise subscriber numbers, view accounts and autofill comments in videos. YouTube’s algorithm is very perceptive of bots and other fake accounts and can easily terminate your account, causing a channel that you’ve built with your sweat and tears to disappear for good. So why risk losing a channel you’ve worked so hard to build? Just focus on creating quality and engaging content, engage with your subscribers and think outside the box.



Buying YouTube subscribers can seem like a good option to grow a YouTube channel quickly. While it might provide a slight increase in account visibility, the negative consequences far outweigh the perceived benefits. The best way to grow your YouTube channel is by producing quality content, engaging with your audience and thinking outside the box. Long-term success will come from organic-growth subscribers that watch your videos and engage with you regularly. Remember, buying subscribers is not a sustainable way to grow your channel and could result in penalties, ranking drop-offs, and eventual account suspension. Focus on building a healthy YouTube channel growth strategy for long-term success.

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