May 21, 2024

More Options for the Perfect Poker Videos and More



The end of the corona crisis is not yet in sight and it is questionable when the live events will be restarted. Because we can’t play live on the one hand, but we do have a lot of free time on the other, there are quite a few options so you don’t get bored and keep your poker game going. We have listed  tips for you below.

Watch Poker Videos

The Internet has thousands of hours of situs online judi poker videos, most of which you can watch for free from sites like YouTube. To make it as easy as possible for yourself, it is best to go to the Poker Videos section on our site, because we have already prepared hundreds of videos for you in recent years. If you would like to watch complete episodes of the World Series of Poker or Poker After Dark, for example, we recommend that you take out a subscription with PokerGO.

Read a Poker Book 

Countless poker books have been released in the past 25 years and there is therefore plenty of choice for enthusiasts. You have different types of poker books. You can choose a book about strategy, but there are also plenty of titles with fun stories. The disadvantage of a book about poker strategy is the fact that the information is often outdated. To become a better poker player you better start an online course. If you absolutely want a poker book about strategy, you can, for example, choose one of the titles of Chris Moorman. These books are not that old, so the information is often still good to use. In the booking section on our website we have prepared some reviews for you.

Learn a new variant

Live Poker is not in the coming weeks and maybe months, so you may even have time to learn a new variant. How about Crazy Pineapple, Short Deck Poker or Pot Limit Omaha. In Crazy Pineapple you start with 3 cards and all players who are still in the hand after the betting round on the flop must discard one card. In all-in pre-flop situations, the flop is turned first, after which players discard one card before the cards open. For the rest, it is exactly the same as Texas Hold’em No-Limit. Unfortunately, you cannot play Crazy Pineapple online, but you can of course practice it at home with your family or friends.


Short Deck Poker has also become very popular in recent years. With this variant, all twos, threes, fours and fives have been removed from the deck, giving you much more action. For example, you can make a street with A-6-7-8-9 and the flush is worth more than the full house. Short Deck is played without blinds. All players pay an ante each hand and the button pays a double ante. For more information, please visit our Short Deck Poker page.

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