May 21, 2024

Living on the Edge : Extreme Sports for You


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Sometimes you just want to feel your heart racing. In this current safety-first world, a feeling of exhilaration and danger can be an antidote. Extreme sports are all about giving you that excitement that might be missing in your daily life. If you want to try them but don’t know where to start, here are four extreme sports you can choose from.


Sometimes called spelunking, exploring caves takes adventure to a whole new level. It requires you to climb over many edges and ledges and crawl through narrow gaps the size of kitchen ovens. You’ll also need to be able to use ropes for ravines and drops. You can also choose to explore pit or vertical caves.

If you’re a first-timer, there are a lot of caves that can be explored more quickly than others. Try those first and decide whether caving is for you. You should also always go with a guide, whether it’s your first or 10th time. Here’s Thrillist with a list of beautiful caves you can explore in the US.


Much like snowboarding, you ride a sort of specialized oversized skateboard that can roll through any surface like grass, dirt, rocks, and others. The wheels of a mountainboard are specially made to withstand a beating from obstacles and sharp corners. Here’s a YouTube video that shows a group of enthusiasts riding their mountainboards down a trail.

The risk of mountainboarding highly depends on the chosen terrain. If it’s your first time, select a more forgiving path. And like other board sports, don’t forget to wear protective gear. For additional tips, here’s Adventure Herald with a helpful guide.


How does a free fall from a plane sound? Specifically, you throw yourself off from an aircraft around 12,000 ft above sea level. Nothing can make you feel exhilarated, like accelerating toward the surface of the earth from an indiscernible height. After a few moments of free-falling, you’ll have to activate your parachute, and from there, it’s a matter of gliding to a designated landing site. It’s fun.

If it’s your first time, you’ll most likely have to make the dive in tandem with a trained instructor. There’s also a course you have to take even before stepping onto the plane. The most important part is to know how to operate your chute. You should also triple-check the pack and the 550 paracord to ensure they’re safe.


Surfing might seem easy, especially if you’ve only seen professionals do it. However, it’s not all sun and sand; it takes a reasonable amount of training, some physical strength, enduring stamina, and a good sense of balance. Not to mention the courage it will take to see a huge wave coming and face it head-on. Here’s Stomp It Tutorials with 15 surfing tips.

If you’re a first-time surfer, you’ll have to train with an instructor onshore. You should also try to tackle smaller waves first. Knowing how to swim reasonably well is also often a requirement before actually surfing.


Plan out your extreme sports getaway meticulously and enjoy living life on the edge.


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