June 22, 2024

Learn to be better at betting!


Always try to Follow the Same Pattern for bonus bets.

The routine can be applied to each and every bookmaker bonus bet. There are mainly two things to keep in mind.

  1. The Laying bet with your betting exchange should be made as close as possible to the bookmaker’s odds. Anything else you do is a waste of money.
  2. The maximum loss that you can have with your betting exchange should exactly match the amount you stand to profit with your bookmaker.

Things To always keep in mind before you place your Free bets and bonus bets –

Before you start with your Free bets and bonus bets, make sure to remember this trick. The great thing about this trick is that you can save for yourself a majority portion of the bonus profit with near to no risk. However, even in the rarest instances, things can go wrong unexpectedly.

For example, there is a possibility of making an error while entering your bets. So, you should always try to double and triple-check that all the entries are marked correctly. You can accidentally bet on a Southampton and win with both Winner Sports and Matchbook. And even with a risk-free Bonus transfer, you can place a bet of more money than you intended.

In instances where games are sometimes canceled, sometimes the bookmakers have different sets of rules for repayments. Like in football, cancellations are rare, and so the rules are consistent. However, in tennis, things are a bit different. It is thus important to become familiar with the specified rules of the bookmakers in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

You can beat the margin

In simple words, picking approximately five winners out of every 10 with each paying fair odds of 2.0 without having any bookmaker commission would see you break even. However, receiving a standard bookmaker odd of 1.90 with the 0.10 commission off of the fair odds of 2.0, picking five winners would see you make a loss of approximately 5 % on your total investment.


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