May 21, 2024

How To Study For NEET In One Month


While starting to prepare for NEET from class 11 onwards is considered to be the best approach, the syllabus for NEET being more or less the same as that of class 11 and 12, there is no fixed time to start preparing as such. The time for exam preparation varies from one to another individual. Lakhs of students appear for this exam every year, but due to high levels of competition and limitation on the number of seats available in medical institutes, only a few get through with a good rank. A qualifying score enables students to seek admissions to their favourite medical colleges. 

Though one month may seem like a challenge to crack one of the most challenging exams of the country at this crunch time, it is better to start now, rather than crying over spilt milk. How to study for NEET – can be a daunting question, this is why we bring to you some helpful tips to assist you in studying better, in less than a month’s time.Cover topics carrying maximum weightage first. This is based on previous trends, recurring questions, etc. When you are studying these topics, cover them completely not in bits and then move to the lesser important topics.NCERT must be mastered for all the sub-sections.Take up modules and revise exhaustively.Practice NEET previous papers, sample papers. Take up mock tests. Remember to practise under ideal exam scenarios every time.Do not simply go through concepts, rather write it down, work out numerical problems, practice equations and make notes as these can be extremely handy for last-minute revisions.If you have difficulty understanding topics, seek assistance either online or from teachers/seniors, but ensure to get conceptual clarity.Analyze question papers, typology of questions and work around them smartly. Prefer smart work at the eleventh hour.You can also approach this strategy if you have 30 days left – take up 1 sub-section every week. For instance, 1st week you can cover Biology, 2nd week you can cover Chemistry, 3rd week you can take up Physics and the last week you can dedicate to revisions completely. The order of taking up subjects is completely as per your convenience.Lastly, have a positive mindset. Set high goals and achieve them. Don’t let time decide your future, you can still change things. 

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