June 22, 2024

How To Save Time When Translating A Document


Have you ever had to translate a text for yesterday? This is a situation that most of us know only too well, and which generates a lot of frustration when it is repeated. This causes unnecessary stress for everyone, and you run the risk that it will harm the end product.

This is why it is useful to prepare yourself for these kinds of situations, which are sure to happen again, by discussing them with your translation agency.

Most often, this problem arises because the translation was wholly forgotten during planning. But is taking it into account in planning enough to solve the problem?

Go Through An Order Portal To Order Your Translation

Your translation centre(สถานที่รับแปลเอกสาร which is a term in thai) or agency offers to use an online platform to place and collect your orders.

It is a good idea for several reasons. You will not have to worry about the size of the file or whether it has all the necessary instructions. You can be sure that your order will be processed by a project manager, even if your usual contact is on leave or training.

With an ordering platform, you can also check the status of your translation orders, and possibly those of other departments in your company, so as not to lose track. All the translations that you have received will also be archived, which will save you a tedious search in your emails or with your colleagues.

Set Up A Specific Procedure On The Command Portal

If your translation agency chooses to set up a procedure specific to your company’s needs on the ordering platform, you will be able to order translations more quickly because all the necessary information will already be present.

This may, for example, include information about language combinations, the fact that the translation process must systematically include additional proofreading, special billing requirements, etc.

Ask For A Referent Project Manager

With a referent project manager, you will always know who to call to ask questions, keep you informed of the progress of the project or place an urgent order.

The referent project manager will know the needs and requirements of your company and will see if it is advisable to be particularly attentive to specific points.

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