June 14, 2024

How to Make Pretty DIY Resin Pendants?


If you love small customized pendants, then DIY resin pendants are one that you must try to make. You can make your design using varieties of embellishments like dried flower, charms, and shapes to make your pendant unique and customized. You can also preserve your precious little thing and wear it, and keep it with you in the form of a pendant. The best thing about making DIY pendants using Transparent Resin [เร ซิ่น หล่อ ใส, which are the term in Thai] is you have a wide range of creativity to infuse into the pendants and show it to the world with contentment. If you are beginning to make your resin art, especially resin jewelry, then here is our quick guide to help you make DIY resin pendants.

  • Materials You Need
  1. Dried flower, and other embellishments you want to add into your pendants. Dried flower pendants are one of the popular DIY resin pendants. You can add some tiny flowers like lavender, yellow buttercups, grass with the bits on top, and others that can give a sense of pretty.
  2. Jewelry molds that can give best results working with resin.
  3.  Gloves, toothpicks, paper towel, and a small paintbrush, and straw.
  4. Transparent Resin
  5. Pendant bails
  • Wear your gloves and Mix your resin using mixing equipment according to the instructions given on your package. Make sure to use jewelry resin that cures quickly, and that is clearer and transparent.
  • Now, pour your resin mixture into the jewelry mold, ensuring there are no air bubbles.
  • Place and fix the tiny flowers and embellishments inside the poured resin using a toothpick. Don’t overcrowd your pendant with lots of decors. Keep it simple and pretty.
  • Now, cover it and leave it for settling in, after 30 minutes, see if there are any air bubbles generated. You can remove the air bubble by blowing gently over the resin with the straw. Repeat this after another few minutes, then leave it for curing overnight.
  • After your resin completely cures, remove it from the jewelry molds and cut out the extra resin from the sides using a sharp knife.
  • Lastly, add jewelry bails or pendant bails to the top of the pendants and here is your DIY resin pendant ready to wear.

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