June 22, 2024

How to build GRE word-lists & improve your GRE vocabulary


The vocabulary in the English language is a vast sea of words with different meanings, usage, and pronunciation. The GRE study material, whether it is in the form of guide books or online tutorials or GRE sample papers, often provides long word lists of 1000 to 5000 words length. Learning so many words can be a daunting task, and remembering them over a period is all the more challenging. The GRE Verbal section tests you on questions base on a robust vocabulary, and many test takers find it hard to memorize. We would always suggest to take up your vocabulary build-up at a slow and steady pace during your GRE prep.


GRE Wordlists

GRE word lists are a great way to prepare for your GRE verbal section of the exam. All GRE candidates aiming to pass the test must prepare a list of high frequency GRE words with their meanings. There are hundreds of applications and websites available online that provide extensive word lists with a proper explanation of each word. Kaplan’s 900 Words, Barron’s 4759 words, and Magoosh’s GRE word lists are a vast collection of handy words. These word lists help the students to memorize and prepare the words adequately.

Let us see how we can improve our vocabulary during GRE prep programs.


Read extensively


You cannot build your vocabulary in a day. Instead of cramming up words, make it a habit to read every day. Make it a habit of reading good books, magazines, and newspapers. Go through high-end publications to enrich your vocabulary. Your GRE prep books and GRE Sample papers would also list words. Whenever you find a new word, look it up in the dictionary and add it to your word list.


Say words loudly to learn them.


You will learn the words fast when you say them out loud. Go through your word list repeatedly and call out the words again and again, loudly, trying to remember their correct usage. If you doubt a word, refer to the dictionary.


Use GRE flashcards

Flashcards are still one of the most effective ways to learn new words. Make a small flashcard. Write the word you need to learn on one side of the card. If you have a hard time pronouncing it, write the pronunciation phonetically under the word. Now, write a short and straightforward definition, or add a little phrase or sentence to help you remember the word’s proper use. Write all the information related to the word on the other side of the card. Make your cards attractive and use them regularly.

Keep a GRE word list handy-When you find new words, either from your GRE practice tests or from any book or newspapers, add it to your GRE word list. Keep this list of new words on your phone or in a notebook. Write the sentence in which you initially found the word to remind yourself how the word looks in context. Use this on the go.

Use word visualizations- One right way to remember your new words is to visualize or build a mental image around that word. For example, of the word is vociferous, you can imagine it as “voice ferocious” and remember that image of a person speaking loudly. These mental images make it easy for you to register that word in your memory, and you remember it longtime.


Use the words in your daily life.


It is essential when you have a lot of words on several word lists. When you have learned about the words, try to use them in your daily life in situations you identify with those words. It makes your concept clear, and there are fewer chances of forgetting the words.

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