June 22, 2024

Guidelines To Consider While Going Through The Verification Process


Thorough eating-and-running verification steps were conducted for supporting members to use protected and safe websites. As a result of the overloaded market in this day and age, many sites are unable to find means of proper promotion.

However, the scam verification community used and trusted by members is used as a tool for promotion, sites involved with verification used and trusted by a member tend to be degenerating into a tool for promotion for various scam websites. To successfully solve these issues, the management team of Eat-and-see company (먹튀검증업is involved with the conduction of a more thorough verification process. It carefully recommends and selects websites that a member can use with trust and confidence.

Guidelines for registration 

The companies with recommended guarantee required to be registered through the stage of verification according to the following mentioned guidelines:

  • Measurement of an operating period

The operating period is measured for which a particular website has been operated, and the site called out to be registered only and has been operating for at least a year or two. The operating period of the site is a primary measure of a secure website. It means that the website has earned the trust of various members and involves a stable operation.

  • Measurement of the number of daily users

Those websites have more than 10,000 people as their daily users are permitted to get themselves registered as guarantee companies. These numbers of daily users serve as an effective measure of the popularity and stability of a particular website.

  • Measurement of the number of new members involved

The number of new members that come up is a measure of the amount of capital a website possesses with itself. To attract new members to a website, a lot of marketing is generally needed, along with the basic capital to invest in it is required. It generally permits a person to monitor how effectively and efficiently a particular website can gauge and evolve the strength of the capital of a website owned by a person or a company.

Ingredients of the checklist checked by the professional verification team 

The following is included during the verification process and is checked and verified by the professional verification teams such as Eat-and-see company (먹튀검증업are:

  • Collection of all the information that is related to the website

In cases when a website has had at least a single incident related to money and expenses in the past, it is judged as a scam website, and all the information related to the website is then disclosed to the users.

  • IP tracking and server location

Checking this is important as it helps to keep track of the history of incidents that took place in the past. With the help of comparative analysis, the history of events held in the past can be classified as a scam site.

  • Tracking of the operation purpose, safety, and security of the website


In particular, it is involved with the maximization of the safety of a website by successfully introducing a double safety system that you might know as the deposit system for the preparation for any financial accidents that might take place at the recommended company in the future.

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