June 22, 2024

Give your blog a ranking boost with this secret tip


Bloggers have to face a lot of struggles to reach at a level where they could generate good income with their blog. Getting your blog monetized is an uphill task. You must have good traffic each month. But getting traffic is hard unless you are spending crazy money on paid ads. Well many SEO experts and digital marketers do not tell you about this. But you can give your blog a ranking boost almost immediately.

How to give your blog a ranking boost

Usually SEO is a time-consuming process. You have to work constantly for months to get the desired results. But if you know about this secret tip that most exerts hide, you could rank yourself higher in few days. This method can help you get a ranking boost almost immediately and results will be visible in a couple of days.

What is the secret method?

Google has launched a new algorithm in 2015. It is called Rank Brain. It monitors the dwell time of every visitor on your webpage for every targeted keyword. Dwell time is the time spend by a visitor on your blog after clicking your link from an SERP (search engine results page). If people spend more time on your webpage for a particular keyword, your ranking would increase for that keyword.

Now you know it, all you have to do is to make people spend more time on your blog.

How to make people spend more time on your blog

People visit your site after searching a keyword. Your post must have that keyword and it must be related to that keyword. You must create an engaging post with all the details regarding that keyword.

You can also hire professional seo services[jasa seo professional, which is the term in Indonesian] providing experts to help you rank faster and understand you Rank Brain algorithm better.

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