June 22, 2024

Constipation: Here Are Some Of The Home Remedies


Constipation the word itself is very horrible and the person who becomes a victim of it really suffers a lot and just goes through many bad days and nights. Constipation is not an inevitable disease, just by medications and the change in the diet and lifestyle you can defeat it. Constipation means hard stool, bloated stomach, and difficulty in passing stool or a sense of incomplete emptying after a bowel movement.

It is very uncomfortable so it needs some to reduce all the issues. Canada drugs are easily available at the online pharmacies and one can have them at their doorsteps easily. Canadian pharmacies provide Canada drugs at a low cost. Besides the medications, you should be concern about the diet and the lifestyle also. Here we have a look at some natural laxatives so that you can easily get rid of constipation.

  • Aloe-Vera
  • horseradish
  • Flaxseed
  • beet
  • Cabbage

The point is how you can use this laxative, these are very simple:

  • Every day add Aloe-Vera in your diet. Have a cup of Aloe-Vera juice. Take a leaf and grind it and drink. For pregnant women it is not recommended.
  • To balance the metabolic system horseradish is the good laxative and you can consume them with the boiled water. Put one tablespoon of the horseradish in boiled water. Wait for 10 minutes. Drink this three times a day. Horseradish can also be consumed as a salad and you can make the spicy salad of horseradish.
  • Flax seeds are also very effective in constipation; this helps your stool to move efficiently through your bowel. It increases the stool volume thereby helping it to exit properly. Take a cup of boiling water and add one tablespoon of flax seeds wait for 15 minutes. Drink the cool water with the seeds and do this once a day.
  • To speed up your exit there is an enzyme in the beets that is a natural laxative. You can have the beet salad. Don’t get panic if your stool or urine turns red.
  • Cabbage is the favorite vegetable of many people, you can have the cabbage as raw in a salad or as fried cabbage. There are various recipes that you can have at your home. It is the natural laxative and also a healthy meal that relives your constipation.

Constipation is the problem of the digestive system, so the initiative should be taken to change the lifestyle and diet habits. Understanding the cause of constipation really works to reduce the risk factors like less consumption of the fiber diet.

Having a sedentary life also leads to constipation. Some drugs also responsible for constipation so avoid them or tell your doctor about such side-effects. Drinking less water is another factor that can shift you towards constipation like problems. Medications and the natural remedies are good to pick but first, you have to bring change in your lifestyle and dietary habits.

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