June 22, 2024

Considerable things while designing a product


Products and services are the prime axis of any business. They are the prime value that they provide to the customers. However, in the case of products these days, something that has a very contributing significance with a product is its design. Product design [ออกแบบผลิตภัณฑ์, which is the term in Thai] is that crucial aspect of business that tends to drive the customers towards them. It is a mix of multiple aspects that make an item presentable and acceptable in the customer market. Here are some things that should be considered on a primary basis when pursuing a design for any product.

Aesthetic part

This is the first and primary part that customers go on to notice about the product. It is the aspect that makes a key part of the first impression of the product. This is what draws them to check on the specifications and the characteristics of the product and have an overall idea about it. Therefore, it has a key role in driving potential customers for the sales. For up-to-date aesthetics, it is important to be in constant touch with the market on the latest designs and trends that are becoming popular among people.

Ergonomics part

No matter how strong the aesthetics maybe, they have a powerful yet temporary effect until backed by something else. What goes on to linger in the minds of the users is the ease of use and things that make a product more friendly in the service domain than those of others. This is part of ergonomics and function access.

Materials used

This is a factor that is more related to the cost and effect part. The choice of material goes on to determine the budget of the product as well as the weight that will fall on the profitability. Moreover, a similar effect is experienced by the customer where it tends to determine the durability, longevity, and sometimes the utility of the product as well against the price paid by them. 

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