May 21, 2024

CBD And Parkinson’s Disease – Know How CBD Can Help To Manage It


CBD is one of the active cannabinoids extracted from the plant Cannabis. It interacts with the receptors in the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body to provide health-related benefits. Also, it is a non-psychoactive compound means it will not make you high.

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About Parkinson’s disease

PD (Parkinson’s disease) is a degenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. This condition leads to problems in the movement. Also, it leads to anxiety, depression, and even dementia (disease final stage).


  • Shaking
  • Poor body movement
  • Rigidity
  • Behavioral changes

CBD and Parkinson’s disease

CBD has neuroprotective effects, so it can help to prevent the damage of motor neurons and reduce the movement disorders like bradykinesia. Plus, it reduces the symptoms of seizures, and promotes motor functioning and sleep.

Acts as a neuroprotective agent

Neurons or nerve cells pass and receive messages (nerve impulses) from the central nervous system to the body and vice versa. These neurons include branching arms (dendrites) that play a major role in identifying the nerve impulses.

According to research studies, approximately billions of neurons and neuroglia (neighboring cells) helps in providing safety and nourishment to the neurons.

The neurons present in the substantia nigra (deep part of the brain) transmit the impulses that control the movements. These neurons are integrated into the release of the hormone dopamine. If these neurons are affected in a person, then he/she may suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

There is no specific cure for the disease, but a review of 2016 stated that CBD can act as a neuroprotective agent and reduces the damage of neurodegenerative conditions. Also, it can improve synaptic plasticity (die-off of nerves).

Helps with movement disorders

Slow movements are the prominent symptom of Parkinson’s disease. People with PD may experience lower spontaneous movements like grimacing, blinking, expressionless faces, etc.

CBD is the popular alternative to medications for movement disorders. According to a review of 2015, CBD can help with movement disorders like muscular rigidity and bradykinesia by influencing the ECS and improving motor function. Another study found that CBD is the best muscle relaxant.

Promotes sleep

Majority of people with PD experience sleep problems. It is because of PD motor symptoms like painful cramps, difficulty to turn when sleeping, tremors, and repetitive movements. Sleep problems lead to complications like anxiety, depression, and others. According to a review of 2017, CBD has the potential to help with sleep-deprived disorders. This review found that CBD can promote REM sleep and help PD patients who experience REM sleeping problems.

In addition to the above, CBD can also promote motor functions, help with epileptic seizures, and more. There is not any particular dosage to treat PD, but you can manage the symptoms. However, you can start by taking 25mg to 30mg of CBD and increase it gradually depending on your tolerance. Before taking any product that contains THC, take advice from your doctor.

Unlike prescribed medications, CBD has little to no side effects. To improve your sleep, motor functioning, and repetitive movement choose a reputed store that offers CBD products, which contain 0.3% or fewer THC levels, and order them today.

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