June 22, 2024

A Comprehensive Wardrobe Buying Guide For A Couple


Bedrooms will need a wardrobe as they are the most functional space for storage. Are you planning to design a new closet for you and your partner? There are some general thumb rules to abide by, along with few helpful tips. To make the right choice, an individual has to essentially pay attention to the size, style, pattern, a number of users, texture, door type, inner structure, storage facility and its practicality for that space and the user opines experts from Wakefit. The space where it will have to be installed will be directly proportional to the size of the room as well as to the furniture that is already in it. Keep reading as we will take you for a virtual shopping guide.

Uses Of A Wardrobe

The basic usage of a wardrobe in any home are:

  • It stores clothing of all kinds.
  • It can hold toys and games.
  • It will accommodate tablecloths, towels and bedsheets.
  • It is helpful to store files and important documents also.

Key Features For Better Accessibility

The primary considerations to enhance the practicality of a closet are:

  • The items inside it must be placed in such a way that they are easily accessible.
  • The wardrobe must be placed in such a way that there is ample space for other furniture.
  • The cupboard online must be big enough to hold all the clothes.
  • It must not be a hindrance for opening and closing any windows or doors of the room. 

Factors To Consider


The size of the wardrobe depends on the size of the room in which it is to be accommodated. The ceiling height must also be measured to make an ideal choice. Fixing a cupboard right up to the ceiling will give more storage space to put away the things that are used least at home. However, certain people suggest leaving space on top of the wardrobe, approximately 5 centimetres, for better functionality. And this purely depends on the user’s choice and comfort. The depth of the wardrobe invariably depends on the number of things one is looking to be dumped into it. These are the basic criteria, but the clearance space of the door and drawers with the walking area and the space between the closet and the room furniture are also very essential. The space between the bed and the wardrobe has to be sufficient so that the drawers can be thoroughly accessed and opened. Whatever a large almirah for bedroom will meet the storage needs of any home and will also be very practical on a regular basis.

Inner Layout

The inner layout denotes the in-built storage space, and it can be customised according to the user’s preference. The internal area of a closet determines the requirement of the user, how much space they need to store, and similar aspects. The inner layout comprises drawers that are usually 50 centimetres in length and 120 centimetres in width. They either have a pull-out storage basket or a box as an extra feature. Shelves can have hanging rails or just racks to hold clothes, and this depends on the types of attires one owns. However, the habits and preferences of an individual are what weighs more in determining the inner style of any wardrobe. Most importantly, it is best when the things used daily are placed to the height of the chest, and the lower areas are filled with shoes, inner garments, and night wears. Figuring out the best place for each element is a skill to improve accessibility and make it effortless in routine.

Wardrobe Style

The style of the wardrobe will be based on whether the user is particular for a unique stand-alone item or a piece of matching furniture for the remaining things in the room. Always it is not advisable to ignore the aesthetics while purchasing any wardrobe. Some widely preferred styles are traditional, baroque, modern, designer, Scandinavian, child-friendly and contemporary. The colour choice can be natural wood, paint, stained finish, patina effect, etc. The shape can be of three main types: angular, rounded and patterned, and the closet can either have a visible foot in square metal or wood or no feet at all. The mirror is another unique feature that makes the room appear more significant as it reflects light better and when the space has to be saved without having to erect a standing mirror in the room. The doors play another vital role in determining the style of the closet, and they include sliding, hinged, see-through glass, 3 door, 4 door and 2 door wardrobe online. The sliding doors are the ones to save space and are ideal for smaller rooms, and they also impart a classy and trendy look. 


The material is another important aspect of determining the durability and quality of any wardrobe by working on the budget criteria. It is a universal fact that a wooden wardrobe online lasts longer and is the timeless classic in cupboards. But they are priced higher owing to the raw material cost and its quality. MDF is the best alternative as it works best for many people. But they have to be aired out from time to time. Metal is also a very affordable material, but it will not last long and is not suitable in many scenarios with kids. They are not sturdy and risk toppling over when left to stand alone in the room.

A wardrobe will significantly impact the room décor even though they are a storage solution. A wardrobe in the main bedroom will require more space to store bed linens and clothes than those in a guest room. Similarly, a child’s bedroom will need a small closet appropriate for the child’s age. Therefore, one’s choice of wardrobe will eventually determine its features and also its appearance. But it is up to you to decide whether the decorative element inspires you or the functionality attracts you. Bear in mind the more details you add, the higher the price. Plan wisely and opt for the best that suits your budget and requirements with the above-mentioned comprehensive guide.

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