June 22, 2024

4 Ways To Commemorate “The Big Bang Theory”


Recently, CBS wrapped up “The Big Bang Theory” with an hour-long series finale at the end of its 14th season. For over a dozen years, we gathered in front of our TV’s every Thursday night to watch as Sheldon, and the rest of the Big Bang Crew experienced one hilarious adventure after another.

As the most popular sitcom in American history, “The Big Bang Theory” was a newer, funnier, nerdier version of the 90’s-era “friends,” and we’ll miss it terribly. So to celebrate the brilliance that was Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raaj, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette, here are some awesome keepsakes you can get for yourself.

1. A Custom Lightsaber

It’s no secret that the boys of BBT were Star Wars superfans. Nearly every episode featured a reference to a movie or a collectible celebrating the wonders of the galaxy.

If you want to be like Sheldon, get this custom lightsaber hilts that he would most certainly die for.

2. A Bazinga Tee

If you’re a true Big Bang Theory fan, you find Sheldon’s signature punchline, “Bazinga” endearing, even if we all know his jokes often amounted to social obliteration. There are several styles of “bazinga” tees you can choose from. Whether you’re a minimalist who finds meaning in a plain tee with the term printed on its own, or if you prefer a more nerdy design featuring the elements of the periodic table, you’ll find a tee that suits your style.

3. Science Jewelry

Are you ready to embrace your inner fashionable nerd?

If so, pick up a few pieces of jewelry that celebrate science. You can even purchase the atom that served as the Big Bang Theory logo for all these years.

4. The Entire Big Bang Theory Series

Who even watches DVD’s or BlueRay anymore, right?

Wrong. Due to CBS’s restrictive licensing agreements for this show, The Big Bang Theory is nowhere to be found on any of the most popular streaming platforms. Neither Netflix or Hulu have BBT in their streaming libraries, and while you can purchase the series on Amazon and watch it via Prime Video, it’s not included in the standard Prime membership.

So why not go old-school and purchase all 14 seasons on DVD? Of course, this kind of dedication may set you back a pretty penny, but what better way to send off your favorite show?

Ready To Say Goodbye To BBT?

Whether you add a custom lightsaber Hiltz to your nerdy collection or you invite some friends for a BBT marathon, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this iconic show. What other things are fit for the show’s farewell in your opinion? Share your thoughts with us.

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