June 22, 2024

Types of Live Tennis Odds


Even the most boring matches can be of lot of fun in Tennis because, in this game, score changes with every serve, every game and every set. Different sites provide different types of live tennis odds. In order to get the best prices, availability of different odds at several site should be compared.

Match Winner

In a match winner, as one player pulls out a lead, their odds become shorter. Odds in this wagering requires a ton of risk to win very little, which is not a good strategy. When there is a strong player for a match, you will be able to find a better value.

Exact Game Score

Many bookmakers offer betting on the exact score of every game in a match. To win these bets, punters need to choose the winner of the game, and the exact score. Punters have to wait until late in the first set or early in the second set to start placing these bets. This gives a chance to see who is winning and who is struggling.

Next game to Deuce

In this type of odds, wager simply bets on the next game reaching deuce at any point. Obviously, the best time to bet is when the serving player is likely to struggle against the returning player. To make consistent profits from these odds find matches with solid return opponent.

Game betting

With live betting, you are able to bet on the outcome of games during play.  You will be able to back them at a good price to pull it back and win the game.

Games Handicap Betting

Ahead of odds, you can also bet on who will win the most individual games and apply handicaps to these bets. These handicaps are in different ranges and run well into double figures.

Men’s Professional Tennis

This is a live tennis odd available online with the governing bodies of tennis. The ATP Tour, the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF Future Tours are some of them.

Women’s Professional Tennis

With about half the number of professional players compared to the men’s game, women’s professional has two tours: the WTA Tours and the ITF Futures Tours.

Round Bets

These are particularly interesting odds for up and coming players, or for players who may have a favorable draw path.

Set Bets

It includes betting on strong favorites and not to drop a set for the entire tournament.Betting on these matches can be an intriguing proposition and big odds can be found.

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