June 14, 2024

Top reasons for losing in Online Poker


Online Poker

Are you an online poker player? Have you won something big? Probably not. Most of the Poker online players will be losing many of their games irrespective of their experience and skill. It is not that they do not know to play Poker. But it is the nature of the game that makes you lose if you miss 1 percent opportunity of winning. It will work if you play with a concentration level of 100 percentages with some intuitive power of guessing. Since Judi Poker Online is a game predominantly based on skill and luck, you must be lucky at least a bit, although you have a skill level of 99%. The remaining one percent is the luck factor. Since luck is not in our hands, let us try to fix the problems at the skill level. In this article, we will see some of the reasons you are losing your poker games often. 

Reasons for losing in Online Poker

You are not learning Poker

Every game is subject to learning. Poker also requires some knowledge. You need to learn from your mistakes, opponent’s strategies, etc. Every game you play will give you a different type of inputs to improve. You should take them and try to fix the issues in the next game. If you play for 2 hours, you should learn for 2 hours. Online Poker is evolving day-to-day. If you be the same guy who learned the basics, then you will never win in your future games. Lack of knowledge and learning is the main reason for being a loser in the game.

You are unaware of your flaws

Every poker game will consist of leaks from both the players. Leaks are the flaws made by the player during the game that costs him some money. It may be a missed opportunity or a strategical error. You should know your leaks in the first place. If you deny accepting your mistakes, you will not be able to improve your game. Some leaks can cause minor losses in a single game, but some flaws can incur a long-term downswing, making you a skill-less player. You can seek the help of another player or a Poker coach to guide you to improve your leaks.

You are not playing enough

You cannot learn or improve a game by playing it once or twice a week. You should spend more time at the tables to understand your game, your flaws in the game, and try to improve it in the long run. The more you play, the better will be your game provided you learn from every game. Consistency in Playing and intention to study can make you a better poker player.

Variance affects you 

Poker is a mix of skill and luck. If you are unlucky, you are a victim of Variance. It is the factor of out-of-control events that cause you to lose. It will help if you prepare yourselves for the downswings caused by the Variance. Since it is uncertain, you should focus on increasing your game quality to compensate for the losses incurred by it.

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