May 21, 2024

Things to Be Aware of Before Booking a Trans Escort


Some men would love to have anal sex but are not brave to try. Plastic dildos are great but can never give the feel like a hard cock penetration. They would find it a full turn on if this cock was owned by some sexy woman.

Trans-women are exotic with hyper-feminine look. They highlight their femininity wearing great clothes, makeup, and shoes. Some trans-women have curvy hips and large breasts with naturally long legs, smooth skin and luscious hair making guys want to caress her. On LOveSita escort list, you can come across the most gorgeous trans-women. Guys in Paris are fortunate to book one of them and enjoy great sex without any commitment. 

Never refer to her as a ‘Tranny’

Trans-porn stars are labeled as ‘Tranny’ but many trans-escorts find this offensive. It makes them feel like objects instead of a living person. Cis men from porn companies offer their viewers a fantasy. So never allow your porn influence to dictate a communication with a trans-escort. 

Never make her feel like a textbook

In some situations, asking her question is good like after getting to know one another you can ask her if she has had genital or breast augmentation surgery or not. She feels comfortable because it is a question associated with her. 

If you start asking what is the difference between transgender and cross-dresser it will make her feel like a textbook. You can find such information on the internet. 

Treat her like a normal person

In a straight world, transgender women are thought to be always horny and prepared to have sex. Many men are shocked when they discover that the girl’s company, they were enjoying 15 minutes before is a trans-woman. Many guys find trans-escort great for enjoying sex but are not comfortable to be seen in public with them.

Dating trans-escort does not mean you are gay

Trans-women are not men. They were born as boys and so have the same genitals. You get attracted to a trans-escort because of her physical femininity. There are straight couples that incorporate pegging, so there is no need for labeling yourself as gay when you book a trans-escort.

Never expect her to have a poor IQ

Many men are surprised when they find that the trans-escort is well-educated. Choosing a profession as a trans-escort does not indicate that she comes from battered or broken home. They may even have plans of getting high education in future.

Enjoy an unbiased experience

Trans-escorts are a unique breed that allows a customer to feel comfortable and fulfill their sexual fantasies. You will be surprised to find a new spectrum of sexuality in the erotic sector exploring with them. They are unbiased and open-minded. As they already have encountered judgmental situations, they aim to ensure customers feel at ease in every possible fantasy. 

Trans-women are provocative and so are highly sought after but make sure to respect them as normal women. They deserve your appreciation!

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