May 21, 2024

Prepare the furniture before storing it in the warehouse


When it comes to storing furniture for a certain period of time, not to miss it now, you should take care of the organization

And put a plan to do the preparation and preparation of the furniture before placing it in storage warehouses in Riyadh

Storing furniture in excess of use for a long period of time without taking the necessary precautions

To carefully and properly packing and packing furniture, you will not find it in good condition or usable when needed

Although packaging may seem like a daunting task, once you start preparing for it it becomes easier and we will explain the details to you.

To preserve books for the longest possible period of time, new countries that expose their time to destruction and damage, books must be placed in a horizontal manner, taking into account the number of books in the carton. It is advised to place an appropriate amount of non-puncture so as not to be subject to damage to the carton.

Likewise, in the case of storing photos and personal belongings on paper, it is preferable to put them in a tightly closed box so that they remain as they are without damage over time throughout the storage period and preferably wrapping the case with tape.

Breakable stuff

You should make sure that all things that may be subject to breakage easily and then carefully wrapped and tightened with some plastic tape in the form of patches or wrapped in some old newspapers to protect them during packaging and storage

Also, you should take care of the rest of the tools and materials made from the Chinese and plastic that are often subject to more cracking easily. You must make sure that they are well wrapped and it is preferable to put those furniture on top of the cartons or boxes and not to put anything on it that might lead to a break in the resigner.

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Dry the electrical appliances carefully

You must carefully clean the electrical appliances before storage and dry them well, because this prevents the growth of bacteria and leads to the rot of the stored devices and expose them to damage. The foot is the result of storage, which will keep your furniture for as long as possible

Covering boards and brushes

In the event that you have to store the luggage for long periods of time, you must make sure that the packaging process is completely protected, because if it is wrapped in the proper way, it will maintain its shape, even if the storage is prolonged for long periods. The plastic used for packaging is damaged or cut off

If you can not do the storage process and need a team of workers with 15 years of experience in the field of furniture storage, you can now seek the assistance of a storage company in Riyadh first in warehousing and warehousing and do all the tasks that keep your furniture for long years without changing the color or the shape or even Dirt, the company’s warehouses have cleanliness, attention and a security system at the highest level, so we can enjoy the following

Removing, packing and moving furniture to the company’s warehouses

Experienced workers 15 years in the transfer and storage of furniture

Warehouses that have regular cleanliness and protect furniture from any possibility of damage

Private warehouses and you can keep the private key of the warehouse or room where the furniture is stored

Ventilation system to enter the air in warehouses and protect furniture from corrosion and damage to furniture

A special representative follows the service from the beginning of communication, dismantling, packaging, and transportation

In Wasla Company for moving furniture in Saudi Arabia to announce the storage of furniture, we prohibit with high confidence from customers and a great experience in the work of transport, storage and shipping of furniture to the Arab Gulf countries next to transportation services inside the Kingdom, call now

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